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The Story of the Phantom

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The Story of the Phantom is a series of 15 novels based on Lee Falk's Phantom stories, published by Avon Publications in the U.S.


The novels were published from 1972 to 1975, and five were written by Lee Falk himself. Ron Goulart, using the pseudonym of Frank S. Shawn, later remarked that Falk originally asked Alfred Bester, who had previously worked on the Phantom comic strip when Falk served in the army, to ghost-write a few novels. Bester was not interested, and recommended Goulart for Falk. The covers for the novels were done by George Wilson, previously known for his work on US Phantom comic books. Many of the books were translated into several foreign languages.

In the last book, Carson Bingham was credited as the writer on the title page, but in the Author's note of the same book (where the writers of the entire series are presented), Lee Falk is credited as the writer of this book.

The erroneous credit given to Bingham (who wrote the previous book in the series) reportedly upset Falk who requested a second printing with the correct credits. No such second edition is however known to exist.

Book List

# Title Writer Date
1 "The Ghost Who Walks" Lee Falk 1972
2 "The Slave Market of Mucar" Basil Copper 1972
3 "The Scorpia Menace" Basil Copper 1972
4 "The Veiled Lady" Frank S. Shawn 1973
5 "The Golden Circle" Frank S. Shawn 1973
6 "The Mysterious Ambassador" Lee Falk 1973
7 "The Mystery of the Sea Horse" Frank S. Shawn 1973
8 "The Hydra Monster" Frank S. Shawn 1973
9 "Killer's Town" Lee Falk 1973
10 "The Goggle-Eyed Pirates" Frank S. Shawn 1974
11 "The Swamp Rats" Frank S. Shawn 1974
12 "The Vampires and the Witch" Lee Falk 1974
13 "The Island of Dogs" Warren Shanahan 1975
14 "The Assassins" Carson Bingham 1975
15 "The Curse of the Two-Headed Bull" Lee Falk 1975

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