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The Phantom publications in Finland

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The Phantom has been featured in several publications in Finland.

Serialized "The Phantom" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
Fantom (Ilkka Oy) 1957–1963, 1997 5
Mustanaamio 1966–2010 996
Mustanaamio Year Album 1971–1993 21
Sarjakirja 1972–1994 30
Mustanaamio vuosikirja 1979 1980 2
Historiallisia Seikkailuja 1984–1985 2
Erikoisjulkaisut 1991 2
Mustanaamion kronikka 1995–1996 5
Mustanaamio Spesiaali 2011–2013 15
Mustanaamio reprint books 2011–2017 8
Mustanaamio Softcover Books 2016–present 6*

*As of the turn of 2021/2022

In addition, Fantomen and many other Swedish Phantom publications have been distributed and sold in Finland.

"The Phantom" one-shots

Title Year
Suuri sarjakirja 1973
Supermustiskirja 1975
Mustanaamion SOS 1977
Flame - tulityttö 1980
Miten kaikki alkoi 1985
Kesäalbumi 1986 1986
Orjakaupunki 1987
Legenda vaeltavasta aaveesta 1991
Fantom 1997
Mustanaamio Spesiaali 2009
Mustanaamio (Pulp) 2012

Anthology appearances

Title Year
Comics - suuri sarjakuvakirja 1 1970
Suuri sarjakuvakirja 1984

As backup title

Title Issues
Sarjakuvalehti 1/1949-24/1963 (279 in total)
Kippari Kalle 1/1952-12/1955 (22 in total)
Nastasarjat 1/1964-23/1965 (22 in total)
Agentti X9 12/1994 (1 in total)

In newspapers

This list is incomplete - you can help PhantomWiki by expanding it.

Title Sundays/dailies Period Comment
Aamulehti dailies ?-present
Borgåbladet dailies ?-? in Swedish, as "Dragos"
Demokraatti dailies 1945-2015 as "Urja"[1]
Etelä-Saimaa dailies ?-present as "Fantom"
Etelä-Suomen Sanomat dailies ?-?
Etelä-Suomi dailies ?-? as "Fantom"
Iisalmen Sanomat dailies ?-? as "Fantom"
Ilkka dailies ?-2018 as "Fantom"
Ilta-Sanomat dailies/Sundays 2011-present
Itä-Savo dailies ?-? as "Fantom"
Kainuun Sanomat dailies ? – 2011
as "Fantom". Removed on January 15, 2011 after new tabloid format[1]
Kaleva dailies 1948–present as "Fantom", started on March 24, 1948 as "Phantom"[2]
Karjalainen dailies/(Sundays?) 1940 – 2011?
as "Fantom", (first publisher in Finland, the Phantom started on October 1, 1940. Publishing will continue in 2012, after a break in 2011(?). [3])
Keskipohjanmaa dailies ?-present
Keskisuomalainen dailies/(Sundays?) 1960s?-1970s?
as "Fantom",
in 2012 as "Mustanaamio"
Kouvolan Sanomat dailies ?-present
Kymen Sanomat dailies ?-present
Lahti dailies ?-? as "Phantom"
Länsi-Savo dailies ?-present
Lapin Kansa dailies 2014-present
Pohjolan Sanomat dailies ? – 2011
as "Fantom", removed on January 15, 2011 after new tabloid format[2]
Satakunnan Kansa  dailies ?-present as "Fantom"[3]
Savo dailies ?-? as "Fantom"
Savon Sanomat dailies ?-2009 Last Phantom story was stopped unfinished on February 12, 2009.[4]
Uudenkaupungin Sanomat dailies ?-?
Uusi Aura dailies ?-? as "Phantom"
Vapaus dailies ?-? as "Fantom"
Åbo Underrättelser dailies ?-present in Swedish, as "Dragos"
Österbottens Tidning
dailies ?-201? in Swedish, as "Dragos"

In magazines

This list is incomplete - you can help PhantomWiki by expanding it.

Title Sundays/dailies Period Comment
Seura Sundays 1959-2011