The Mona Lisa Caper

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The Mona Lisa Caper
The Mona Lisa Caper 1978.jpg
Produced for: Fantomen 24/1977
# of pgs: 32
Writer: Norman Worker
Artist: Jaime Vallvé
Original colorist: N/A
Producer: Semic Press

"The Mona Lisa Caper" is a 1977 Team Fantomen story, written by Norman Worker, with art by Jaime Vallvé.

Plot synopsis

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Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Edge
  • Favour
  • Mr Quilter
  • Marcelo
  • Harry
  • Professor Quentin Gillbank
  • Avril Gillbank
  • Count Klinger

Real-life characters



Old jungle sayings

  • The Phantom moves as silently as the jungle cat.

Behind the scenes

  • This is the first Phantom comic story which connects the Scorpia to the animal scorpion.
  • The police report refers to (and expands) historical events mentioned in "The Scorpia":
    • Within Team Fantomen lore, the 3rd Phantom was active in 1612. The location of Jamaica and the name of the pirate leader comes from the Avon novel "The Scorpia Menace".
    • In "The Scorpia": "Scorpia reappears 1713 East-Africa." In "The Mona Lisa Caper": "East-Africa 1780: Scorpia slavers arrested by the British Fleet." Unless the difference in years was an error, it means that Scorpia was active near the Phantom's home for almost 70 years.
      • These two entries does not mention any Phantoms, but "The Scorpia" includes three more entries that takes place in this time period: "March 8, 1715 – Fought Scorpia leader", "1718 – Phantom slays Scorpia king", "1765 – Phantom sinks flagship"
    • In "The Scorpia": "1818, Scorpia, near Suez." In "The Mona Lisa Caper": "Suez 1818: Pirate ship operates in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea under the flag of the Black Scorpion." Within the stories, this is the earliest mention a connection of the animal scorpion and Scorpia.

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