The Apple of Nero's Eye

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The Apple of Nero's Eye
The Apple of Nero's Eye.jpg
First appearance: "Mystery in Rome"
Created by: Ulf Granberg &
Jaime Vallvé

The Apple of Nero's Eye is a large emerald, formerly owned by the Roman Emperor Nero who used it as an eyeglass.

Fictional History

After Nero's death, it was sealed in a vault in the catacombs of Rome. The key to opening the vault was the Skull Ring. Mystery in Rome

It was kept in the Major Treasure Room until the 20th Phantom gave it to Dov Herzl. The 21st Phantom saw it there as a child, and again in Jerusalem when Dov Herzl explained its significance as The Key of Solomon. The Sword in the Stone

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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Mystery in Rome" Granberg Vallvé 1542
"The Ring of Death, Part 1" Leppänen, Granberg Leppänen 1542 in flashback
"The Heart of Darkness IV - Part 7: The Key of Solomon" Reimerthi Boix 1563 mentioned
"The Heart of Darkness IV - Part 8: Death in the Catacombs" Reimerthi Boix 1563
"The Heart of Darkness V - Part 5: The Sword in the Stone" Reimerthi Boix present