Terror in Mawitaan

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Terror in Mawitaan
Start date: April 6th, 2003
End date: September 28th, 2003
# of strips: 26
Writer: Tony DePaul
Artist: Graham Nolan
Original colorist: Graham Nolan
Preceded by: "The Snake Goddess's
Followed by: "The Sinbad Stone"

"Terror in Mawitaan" is the 158th Phantom Sunday story. The story was written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Graham Nolan.

Plot Summary


A group of terrorists led by Chatu cross the border from Rodia into Bangalla to use as a safe haven. In Mawitaan they park a truck with explosives in the garage below a government building where children live, and threaten president Luaga to have the bomb go off if the Bangalla authorities do not leave them alone.


Recurring characters



Old jungle sayings

  • There are times when the Phantom leaves the jungle and walks the streets of town like an ordinary man.

Phantom Lore

  • Talking drums


  • One of Chatu's soldiers is drawn to look like Bryan Shedden, who maintained the Deepwoods.org website.
  • This story includes the first mentions of Team Fantomen creations Sarah Cartwright and Bengete in a newspaper strip story.
  • Several pages of this story use a different panel layout than the Phantom Sunday strip usually does. The strips in question are April 6, 20, 27, May 4, 11, June 29, July 6, 20, August 3 and 17, and it is the only time in the history of the Phantom Sunday strip that this layout has been used.

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