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| 996 || <!-- Rak Ahs stjärna --> || [[Daniel Carlsson|Carlsson]] || [[Anthony Spay|Spay]] ||
| 996 || <!-- Rak Ahs stjärna --> || [[Daniel Carlsson|Carlsson]] || [[Anthony Spay|Spay]] ||
| 997 || <!-- Nosferatus hämnd --> || [[Claes Reimerthi|Reimerthi]] || [[Janusz Ordon|Ordon]] ||
| 997 || "[[Nosferatu's Revenge]]" || [[Claes Reimerthi|Reimerthi]] || [[Janusz Ordon|Ordon]] ||
| 998 || <!-- Gränsfloden --> || [[Claes Reimerthi|Reimerthi]] || [[Kari Leppänen|Leppänen]] ||
| 998 || "[[Floating Borders]]" || [[Claes Reimerthi|Reimerthi]] || [[Kari Leppänen|Leppänen]] || [[Stories not published in English|¤]]
| 999 || <!-- Gatans rovdjur --> || [[Daniel Carlsson|Carlsson]] || [[Anthony Spay|Spay]] ||
| 999 || "[[The Street Predators]]" || [[Daniel Carlsson|Carlsson]] || [[Anthony Spay|Spay]] || [[Stories not published in English|¤]]
| '''1000''' || "[[The True Singh Brotherhood‎]]" || [[Andreas Eriksson|Eriksson]] || [[Janusz Ordon|Ordon]] || [[Stories not published in English|¤]]
| '''1000''' || "[[The True Singh Brotherhood‎]]" || [[Andreas Eriksson|Eriksson]] || [[Janusz Ordon|Ordon]] || [[Stories not published in English|¤]]

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Team Fantomen stories are the stories produced by the so-called Team Fantomen, primarily for the Fantomen comic book in Sweden.

List of Team Fantomen stories

This is a complete (as of Fantomen 1/2020) list of the stories produced by "Team Fantomen", since its commence in 1963.

The titles given are the ones under which the stories have been published in English. The titles of stories which are yet to be published in English (as of The Phantom #1744) are translated from Swedish and marked with "¤".

In cases where a story has appeared under several different English titles, the latest title is used.

The list generally gives the creators' names as given in the actual story. However, some creators have used multiple names - for the variations in pen-names, se Team Fantomen Name variations.

The 1960's

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Treasure in the Skull Cave" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
2 "The Doubles" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
3 "The Secret of the Ocean Floor" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
4 "Return of the Silken Noose" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
5 "The Fatal Hunt" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
6 "The Great Train Robbery" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
7 "The Enchanted Warriors" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
8 "Return of the Iron Hand" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
9 "The Demon Mountains" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
10 "The White Rhino" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
11 "The Mysterious Passenger" Falk Wilhelmsson ¤
12 "The Hunt for the Phantom" Falk Wilhelmsson ¤
13 "The Pirate Theft" Falk Wilhelmsson ¤
14 "The Jungle Dragon" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
15 "The Rocket Mystery" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
16 "The Mystery of the Phantom's Good Mark" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
17 "The Mystery of the Red Mask" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
18 "The Great Bank Robbery" Gohs Gohs ¤
19 "Flood in the Jungle" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤

The 1970's

# Title Writer Artist
20 "The Stolen B52" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson ¤
21 "The Treasure Seeker" Eralp Eralp ¤
22 "The Flying Horse" Falk Eralp ¤
23 "Mountain of Horror" Knutsson Wilhelmsson ¤
24 "The Gladiators" Eralp Eralp ¤
25 "The Earthquake" Lundström Gohs ¤
26 "Diana Kidnapped" Falk Eralp ¤
27 "The Cruel Queen" Falk Wilhelmsson ¤
28 "The Fencing Master" Falk Eralp ¤
29 "The Jungle King" Falk Eralp ¤
30 "The Goddess of Death" Falk Eralp ¤
31 "The Girl Without Memory" Falk Eralp ¤
32 "The Mystery of the Arrow Ring" Falk Eralp ¤
33 "The River that Disappears" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
34 "The Water Test" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
35 "The Coup in Volara" Falk Eralp ¤
36 "The Island of Death" Falk Eralp ¤
37 "The Boxing Mystery" Falk Eralp ¤
38 "The Secret Kingdom" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
39 "Return of the Irregulars" Falk Eralp ¤
40 "The Secret of the Plantation" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
41 "Dead or Alive" Falk Eralp ¤
42 "Drama in the Desert" Falk Eralp ¤
43 "The Diamond Heist" Falk Eralp ¤
44 "The Dead River" Knutsson Vallvé
45 "The Diamond Mystery" Falk Eralp ¤
46 "The Forgotten Valley" Lundström Bergman, Wilhelmsson ¤
47 "The False Commandant" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
48 "The Ghost on Tamba Lake" Lundström Vallvé ¤
49 "The Treasure of the Singh Pirates" Lundström Eralp ¤
50 "The Pygmy Ruby" Gill Eralp ¤
51 "The Slaves" Knutsson Vallvé
52 "The River Spirit" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
53 "The Generals' Hunt" Falk Eralp ¤
54 "The Man in the Swamp" Gill Eralp ¤
55 "The Thousand Tigers" Hartler, Magnusson Vallvé ¤
56 "The Buried Witness" Falk Eralp ¤
57 "The Cave of Kings" Gill Eralp ¤
58 "Return of the Ghost" Lundström Vallvé
59 "The Gold of Destiny" Falk Eralp ¤
60 "The Diamond War" Knutsson Vallvé ¤
61 "The Missing Gold Transport" Eralp Eralp ¤
62 "The Trade War" Lundström Wilhelmsson
63 "Diana in the Jungle Patrol" Knutsson Vallvé
64 "Intrigue in Istanbul" Lundström Eralp ¤
65 "The Pirate Girl" Falk Wilhelmsson ¤
66 "The Plague" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
67 "The Counterfeit Gang" Hartler Wilhelmsson ¤
68 "The Man with the White Mask" Lundström Vallvé
69 "The Pirates Prisoner" Lundström Vallvé
70 "Joomba Missing" Eralp Eralp ¤
71 "Portrait of a Ghost" Lundström Vallvé
72 "The Secret of the Temple Ruin" Knutsson Jansson ¤
73 "The Prophecy of the Kaldéers" Lundström Vallvé
74 "Captain Kidder's Treasure" Falk Wilhelmsson ¤
75 "The Skull-Marked" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
76 "The Snake Girl" Lundström Vallvé ¤
77 "The Jungle Demon" Eralp Eralp ¤
78 "The Poachers" Knutsson Jansson ¤
79 "The Elephant's Graveyard" Eralp Eralp ¤
80 "The Pirate Treasure" Eralp Eralp ¤
81 "The Protectors" Knutsson Wilhelmsson ¤
82 "Zombie" Lundström Vallvé ¤
83 "The Escape" Eralp Eralp ¤
84 "The Milk Drinker" Lundström Vallvé
85 "Double Kidnapping" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
86 "The Parasite" Lundström Vallvé ¤
87 "Terror in the Desert" Lundström Eralp
88 "Guests of the Night" Eralp Eralp ¤
89 "The Garden of Evil" Eralp Eralp ¤
90 "Mutiny" Lundström Vallvé ¤
91 "The Secret of the Coal Mine" Lundström Eralp ¤
92 "The Tiger from Rangoon" Lundström Wilhelmsson
93 "The Treasure from Peking" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
94 "The Demon Mask" Lundström Vallvé ¤
95 "The Prisoner in Venice" Lundström, Vallvé Vallvé ¤
96 "The Slavers" Lundström, Eralp Eralp ¤
97 "Revenge of the Vultures" Granberg Wilhelmsson
98 "Diana Married" Lundström, Eralp Eralp ¤
99 "Treasure of the Yoga Men" Granberg, Lundström Vallvé ¤
100 "Wagon Master" Granberg, Lundström Eralp
101 "Secret of the Swamp" Lundström Vallvé
102 "Airplane Hijacked" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
103 "Grigor's Revenge" Knutsson Bade ¤
104 "The Prisoner in Marrakech" Lundström Vallvé
105 "Laurann's Wedding" Granberg, Lundström Eralp ¤
106 "Plutonium Terror" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
107 "Curse of the Medicine Men" Lundström Eralp ¤
108 "Sir Phantom - Knight of the Round Table" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
109 "The Treasure Hunt" Lundström Vallvé ¤
110 "The Secret of the Statues" Lundström Eralp ¤
111 "The Prediction" Lundström Wilhelmsson
112 "The Indian Hater" Lundström Eralp
113 "The Double" Granberg Bade ¤
114 "The Vampire in Carpatia" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
115 "The Wolfman" Lundström Vallvé
116 "Treasure of the Aztecs" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
117 "The Blood Gold" Eklund Bade ¤
118 "Deadly Joke" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
119 "The Avenger" Lundström Vallvé
120 "Son of the Desert" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
121 "The Mummy's Curse" Lundström Vallvé
122 "Kidnap the President" Lundström, Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson, Eralp
123 "Vultures Over Vacul" Bull Vallvé
124 "The Witch" Granberg, Eralp Eralp ¤
125 "The Traitor" Broberg, Eralp Eralp ¤
126 "Hero's Adventure" Bade Bade ¤
127 "The City of Horror" Bull Wilhelmsson, Eralp
128 "Atomic Terror" Eklund Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
129 "Secret of the Arctic" Bull Bess
130 "Death in the Sky" Granberg Vallvé
131 "The Last Shogun" Bull Maidagan ¤
132 "On Forbidden Land" Lundström Vallvé ¤
133 "The Last Assignment" Bull Wilhelmsson, Eralp
134 "The Kali Sect" Bull Vallvé
135 "Escape from Devil's Island" Bade, Granberg Bade
136 "Goldhand" Lundström Bess
137 "The Tyrant in Tiang" Worker Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
138 "The Ring" Granberg Vallvé
139 "The Ghost Pirates" Worker Vallvé
140 "The Gold Mystery" Lundström Bade ¤
141 "The Skeleton Coast" Worker Bess ¤
142 "The Devil's Triangle" Eklund Wilhelmsson, Eralp
143 "Seaman Walker" Andersson, Granberg Vallvé ¤
144 "A Dangerous Voyage" Worker Wilhelmsson, Eralp
145 "The Mona Lisa Caper" Worker Vallvé
146 "Mystery in Rome" Granberg Vallvé
147 "Fatal Dose" Eklund Wilhelmsson, Eralp
148 "The Avenger from the Sea" Best story 1978 (SE) Worker Bess
149 "Dangerous Vacation" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
150 "The Jackal" Worker Bade ¤
151 "The Imposter" Worker Wilhelmsson, Eralp
152 "The Nuclear Pirates" Worker Bess ¤
153 "Hostage of the Singh Pirates" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
154 "The Great Race" Worker Wilhelmsson, Eralp
155 "The Ghost Cliff" Worker Bess
156 "Evil Forces" Worker Vallvé
157 "The Golden Mannequins" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
158 "Ku Klux Klan" Bade, Granberg Bade
159 "Dizzying Affairs" Avenell Eralp ¤
160 "Secret of the Cave Island" Worker Bess
161 "The Art Collector" Avenell Vallvé
162 "The Storm" Worker Bess
163 "The Escape from the Bastille" Worker Vallvé ¤
164 "Emergency Landing in the South Seas" Eklund, Worker Bade
165 "The False Prince" Worker Leppänen
166 "The Truck Pirates" Worker Vallvé ¤
167 "False Play" Avenell Eralp ¤
168 "Pirates of the Red Dragon, Part 1: Princess Sin" Worker Bess
169 "Pirates of the Red Dragon, Part 2: Fatal Passion" Worker Bess
170 "The Floating Coffin" Worker Leppänen
171 "Pirates of the Red Dragon, Part 3: Sentenced to Doom" Worker Bess
172 "Dangerous Inheritance" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé ¤
173 "The Russian Chess Game" Avenell Vallvé ¤
174 "Llongo's Amulet" Avenell Bade
175 "Grand Prix" Worker Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
176 "The Flute of Death" Avenell Leppänen
177 "The Airplane Pirates" Worker Vallvé ¤
178 "Plague Warning" Avenell Bade ¤
179 "Devil's Story" Best story 1979 (SE) Best (reprint) story 1986 (SE) Best story 1991 (SE) Best story 1999 (SE) Best story 1999 (NO) Avenell Bess
180 "Mahmoud and the Elixir of Life" Worker Eralp
181 "Carnival in Rio" Worker Westad ¤

The 1980's

# Title Writer Artist
182 "The Ambassador" Granberg Vallvé
183 "Prisoner 21" Avenell Bade
184 "The Treasure from Rhodes" Best story 1980 (SE) Worker Leppänen
185 "The Dangerous Portrait" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
186 "The Mysterious Murders" Avenell Eralp ¤
187 "Sir Thomas' Revenge" Granberg Vallvé ¤
188 "The Secret of Sanloi Bay" Worker Bade ¤
189 "The Unknown Commander, Part 1" Worker Bess
190 "The Unknown Commander, Part 2" Worker Bess
191 "Flame" Worker Bess
192 "The Pirate Inheritance" Avenell Leppänen
193 "The Orient Express, Part 1" Worker Vallvé
194 "The Orient Express, Part 2" Worker Vallvé
195 "The Trap" Avenell Bess
196 "Fish War" Worker Leppänen
197 "The River Mystery" Avenell Bade ¤
198 "The Gold of the Incas" Worker Vallvé ¤
199 "The Dictator" Avenell Westad ¤
200 "The Secret of the Stone Plains" Worker Bess
201 "The Arsonist" Avenell Bade ¤
202 "The Messengers of the Jungle" Avenell Bess
203 "The Emperor's Treasure" Granberg Vallvé
204 "The Legend of the Swords, Part 1: Excalibur" Best story 1981 (SE) Worker Vallvé
205 "The Legend of the Swords, Part 2: Durandal" Worker Vallvé
206 "Arms Trafficking" Kharelli Westad ¤
207 "Vasti Riba" Kharelli Vallvé ¤
208 "Deadly Conspiracy" Worker Bess ¤
209 "The Circus Murderer" Avenell Leppänen
210 "The Moon Herb" Avenell Eralp ¤
211 "The Witches' Sabbath" Kharelli Westad ¤
212 "Revealed" Kharelli Aasnes ¤
213 "The Destroyed Rain Forest" Worker Bade ¤
214 "Prima Ballerina" Kharelli Bess ¤
215 "The Tulip Swindle" Worker Vallvé ¤
216 "The Stone Carving People" Best story 1982 (SE) Avenell Bade
217 "The Skull Mark" Worker Leppänen
218 "In the Service of Peace" Kharelli Bess ¤
219 "Diana Abducted" Kharelli Vallvé ¤
220 "The Murderer" Vallvé, Granberg Vallvé
221 "Poisoned Dreams" Kharelli Leppänen
222 "Secret of the Satellite" Worker Vallvé ¤
223 "The Boy Detectives" Avenell Bess ¤
224 "The Mysterious Cave" Kharelli Bess
225 "The Mysterious Cave, Part Two: Ch'Gaan's Curse" Kharelli Bess
226 "Lost on the Phantom Trail" Pélerin Leppänen
227 "The Hidden Valley" Worker Bade ¤
228 "Buried Alive" Avenell Lindahl
229 "The White Slave Trade" Darell Leppänen
230 "The Secret of Snake Island" Avenell Bade
231 "Revenge of the Drummer" Worker Westad
232 "The Child Farm" Darell Vallvé ¤
233 "Black Ivory" Gauraz Bess
234 "The Moment of Freedom" Gauraz Bess
235 "The Mask of Death" Granberg Vallvé
236 "The Water of Life" Best story 1983 (SE) Darell, Ewers Lindahl
237 "The Ghost Comet" Kharelli Leppänen
238 "Dead Man's Gold" Worker Eralp ¤
239 "The Leopard Cult" Worker Vallvé ¤
240 "Hero's Death Sentence" Darell Leppänen
241 "The Whispering Statue" Avenell Bade
242 "The Bikie Gang" Avenell Bess
243 "The Master Magician" Worker Lindahl
244 "The Devil's Smoke" Darell Bess
245 "The Floating Island" Darell Lindahl
246 "The Dagger" Darell Vallvé ¤
247 "The Message" Worker Leppänen
248 "Commando 11" Darell Bess
249 "Hero" Best story 1984 (NO) Avenell Vallvé
250 "The Ladykiller" Kharelli Westad ¤
251 "The Convent Treasure" Avenell Bade ¤
252 "The Phantom's Unknown Sister" Kharelli Bess
253 "Pirates of the Yellow Snake" Best story 1985 (NO) Worker Vallvé
254 "The Curse" Darell Eralp ¤
255 "The Treasure of the Barracuda" Worker Vallvé ¤
256 "The Snake Ring" Darell Leppänen
257 "The Secret" Avenell Vallvé ¤
258 "The Devil's Brotherhood, Part 1: The Red Staff" Kharelli Lindahl
259 "The Devil's Brotherhood, Part 2: Tiger General" Kharelli Lindahl
260 "The Devil's Brotherhood, Part 3: The Final Battle" Kharelli Lindahl
261 "Poker with a Ghost" Worker Eralp ¤
262 "The Man Who Could Not Die" Kharelli Bess
263 "Gold Fever, Part 1" Tierres Vallvé
264 "Gold Fever, Part 2" Tierres Vallvé
265 "Plague Infected" Worker Vallvé ¤
266 "The First Phantom" Best story 1984 (SE) Tierres Leppänen
267 "The Valley of Death" Darell Bade ¤
268 "The Tiger God" Darell Vallvé ¤
269 "The White Horseman" Darell Lindahl
270 "Black Glove, Part 1" Tierres Westad
271 "Black Glove, Part 2" Tierres Westad, Sydsæter
272 "The Secret of the Golden Snake" Kharelli, Redno Leppänen ¤
273 "Black Poe's Treasure" Gauraz Bess
274 "The Wreck in Timpenni Sound" Tierres Bade
275 "The Temple Treasure" Granberg Leppänen ¤
276 "Pirates Ahoy" Worker Lindahl
277 "The Treasure in the Castle" Kharelli Vallvé ¤
278 "The Prisoner at Capitolium" Best story 1985 (FI) Kharelli Vallvé ¤
279 "Guran's Secret" Kharelli Eralp
280 "The Carnival of Death" Tierres Vallvé ¤
281 "The Crying Idol" Tierres Bess
282 "Return of the Scorpia" Worker Leppänen
283 "The Fire of Life" Tierres Lindahl
284 "The Coffin from Bombay" Tierres Vallvé ¤
285 "Shamur's Eye" Tierres Vallvé ¤
286 "Black Fagin" Tierres Leppänen
287 "The Beanstalk" Best story 1985 (SE) Best story 1986 (NO) Avenell Lindahl
288 "Julie" Worker Bess
289 "Patrolman Mary" Worker Bade ¤
290 "Children of the Fog" Darell Bess
291 "Secret of the Coin" Darell Vallvé ¤
292 "The Moor of Death" Best story 1986 (FI) Tierres Vallvé ¤
293 "Race Against Death" Best story 1986 (NO) Granberg Lindahl
294 "Quabar's Secret" Darell Eralp
295 "Easy Money" Tierres Bess ¤
296 "Treasure of the Scythians" Worker Vallvé ¤
297 "Duel in Venice" Worker Leppänen
298 "The Battle on Malta" Best story 1986 (SE) Best story 2005 (SE) Worker Leppänen
299 "The Demon of Misty Island" Tierres Westad, Eralp ¤
300 "Wildman from Bengali" Avenell Lindahl
301 "Rasputin's Puzzle" Kharelli Bess
302 "Deadly Infection" Tierres Vallvé
303 "Pirate Hunt" Worker Leppänen
304 "Mistaken Identity" Kharelli Lindahl
305 "Secret of the Volcano" Avenell Vallvé ¤
306 "Devil's Adventure" Best story 1987 (NO) Worker Stokes ¤
307 "Damballa's Verdict" Worker Bade
308 "The Swamp of Horrors" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp
309 "The Cloud Pirates" Worker Leppänen
310 "The Slave's Railway" Worker Lindahl
311 "Touganda's Secret" Worker Leppänen
312 "The Old Bandar" Avenell Eralp
313 "The Venetian Ghost" Tierres Vallvé ¤
314 "The Prisoner Who didn't Exist" Tierres Vallvé
315 "The Blood Night" Tierres Vallvé
316 "The Ghost Ship" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
317 "Diamond Fever" Avenell Vallvé
318 "The Forest of Horrors" Worker Leppänen
319 "The Train Gang" Avenell Spadari
320 "The Elephant Sect" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp
321 "The Rose of Cairo, Part 1" Tierres Lindahl
322 "The Rose of Cairo, Part 2: Pandora's Box" Tierres Lindahl
323 "Death in the East End, Part 1: The College Ghost" Tierres Bess
324 "Death in the East End, Part 2" Tierres Bess
325 "Death in the East End, Part 3: Castle in the Sea" Tierres Lindahl
326 "The Ghost Pirate" Avenell Bade
327 "The Junky" Worker Leppänen ¤
328 "Gandor's Revenge" Worker Vallvé ¤
329 "The River of Horrors" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
330 "The Curse of Carpatia" Worker Felmang, Waldrag
331 "Jamaica Jack's Treasure" Tierres Vallvé ¤
332 "The Secret of Polymos" Avenell Spadari ¤
333 "The King is Dead" Best story 1987 (SE) Worker Leppänen
334 "The Elixir Maker" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
335 "The Castle of Evil" Worker Lindahl
336 "The Minotaurus Cult" Tierres Vallvé ¤
337 "The Secret of the Haunted Castle" Tierres Felmang, Waldrag
338 "Sting" Avenell Vallvé ¤
339 "The Harbour Rats" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
340 "The Ghost on Flight 302" Worker Casanovas
341 "The Monster" Avenell Bade
342 "Eden" Best story 1988 (SE) Best story 1988 (NO) Avenell Lindahl
343 "Power of the Apes" Worker Spadari
344 "Golem" Borgnes Lindahl
345 "The Secret of the Ark" Avenell Felmang, Waldrag
346 "Kano and Aybol" Avenell Cruz
347 "Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 1: Pirates of the Arctic" Worker Leppänen
348 "Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 2: The Garden of Death" Worker Leppänen
349 "Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 3: Count of the Darkness" Worker Felmang, Waldrag
350 "Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 4: Cagliostro Mystery" Worker Cruz
351 "Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 5: Solomon's Mines" Worker Lindahl
352 "Deadly Intent" Tierres Wilhelmsson, Eralp ¤
353 "Satan's Horn" Avenell Cruz ¤
354 "The Raid in Sanloi" Tierres Leppänen
355 "Duel to the Death" Tierres Bade ¤
356 "The Mystery on Cape Cod" Worker Spadari
357 "Deadly Cargo" Emberland Westad
358 "The Hunchback" Tierres Vallvé
359 "The Mysterious Prisoner" Tierres Vallvé
360 "Death's Hour" Tierres Vallvé
361 "The Storm Maker" Tierres Felmang, Waldrag
362 "The Secret of the Valley of Wamballa" Worker Leppänen
363 "The Demon" Worker Vallvé
364 "The Yellow Death" Goodall Mitton
365 "The Iron Mask" Avenell Lindahl
366 "The Last Unicorn" Best story 1989 (SE) Best story 1989 (NO) Worker Leppänen
367 "The Crystal Skull" Goodall Casanovas
368 "The Witches of Carpatia" Avenell Cruz
369 "The Marionettes" Avenell Cruz
370 "The Ghost Pilot" Worker Felmang, Waldrag
371 "Night of the Jesters" Tierres Vallvé ¤
372 "The Demon in the Tower" Tierres Vallvé ¤
373 "The Mysterious Inheritance" Tierres Lindahl
374 "Secret of the Volcano Valley" Tierres Eralp ¤
375 "Wuluti's Secret" Worker Cruz
376 "The Black Fire" Worker Cruz
377 "The Swamp Devil" Goodall Spadari
378 "Worubu" Worker Mitton
379 "Deadly Cargo" Worker Felmang, Waldrag
380 "Lotosi's Treasure" Avenell Vallvé ¤
381 "Cleopatra's Asp" Tierres Leppänen

The 1990's

# Title Writer Artist
382 "Tirangi's Burial Ground" Borgnes Leppänen
383 "The Drug Farm" Avenell Cruz
384 "The Death Dealers" Avenell Cruz
385 "Crimescene Manhattan" Worker Vallvé ¤
386 "The President's Double" Granberg, Piero Felmang, Waldrag
387 "Jezebel" Tierres Bade ¤
388 "The Children of the Forest" Goodall Mitton
389 "Death in the Depth" Tierres Vallvé ¤
390 "The Oracle" Avenell Eralp ¤
391 "The Secret of the Pyramids" Goodall Casanovas
392 "The Man Who Never Slept" Goodall Cruz
393 "The Wings of Death" Tierres Felmang, Ferri
394 "Nectar of the Gods" Goodall Mitton
395 "The Cruel Hunt" Worker Spadari
396 "The Test" Best story 1993 (SE) Worker Leppänen
397 "The Last Emperor" Best story 1990 (NO) Worker Cruz
398 "The Golden Beetle" Årnes Vallvé ¤
399 "The Devil's Cauldron" Tierres Vallvé ¤
400 "The Mines of Death" Årnes Bade
401 "The Black Death" Goodall Cruz
402 "The Reptile Queen" Worker Felmang, Waldrag
403 "Death of a Patrolman, Part 1" Avenell Leppänen
404 "The Cathedral Mystery" Best story 1990 (SE) Goodall Mitton
405 "Marineland Drug Menace" Tierres Felmang, Ferri
406 "The Witch" Worker Vallvé ¤
407 "The Boy from the Sea" Avenell Cruz
408 "Redbeard the Traitor" Tierres Olesen
409 "Korzan - King of the Jungle" Årnes Spadari
410 "Death of a Patrolman, Part 2: Tracking the Killers" Best story 1991 (NO) Avenell Leppänen
411 "Mystery of the Reef" Goodall Eralp ¤
412 "From the Other Side of the Grave" Tierres Vallvé ¤
413 "Kingdom of the Amazons" Best (reprint) story 2008 (SE) Best (reprint) story 2008 (NO) Goodall Felmang, Ferri
414 "Ziggor the Horrible" Årnes Bade ¤
415 "The Mark of Death" Tierres Vallvé ¤
416 "The Bird Man of Bengali" Goodall Cruz
417 "The Guardian Angel" Tierres Felmang, Ferri
418 "The Secret of Bald Mountain" Goodall Spadari
419 "Death in Belgium" Avenell Mitton
420 "Bababu's Great Hoax" Worker Felmang, Usam
421 "A Man Called Nobody" Goodall Cruz
422 "Marsh Fever" Avenell Felmang, Ferri
423 "The Devil's Drug" Årnes Vallvé ¤
424 "The Assassin" Worker Olesen
425 "The Doomsday Weapon" Worker Leppänen
426 "Mojados" Tierres Cruz
427 "The Grave Vandals" Årnes Spadari
428 "In the Shadow of Death" Tierres Vallvé ¤
429 "Thief on Board" Avenell Felmang, Ferri
430 "The Drug Sharks" Schröder Felmang, Usam
431 "The Beggar King" Hvidsten Cruz ¤
432 "The Fight for the Baboons" Årnes Bade ¤
433 "Island of the Eternal Mist" Worker Vallvé ¤
434 "The Wolfman of Montargis" Worker Lindahl
435 "Hoogan's Revenge" Best story 1992 (SE) Moberg Mitton
436 "Curse of the Granite God, Part 1" Goodall Leppänen
437 "Curse of the Granite God, Part 2: The Hawk's Revenge" Goodall Leppänen
438 "The Wolf is Coming" Best story 1992 (NO) Årnes Spadari
439 "Takal's Mask" Worker Cruz
440 "The Knight of La Mancha" Worker Cruz
441 "The Island of the Living Dead" Goodall Vallvé ¤
442 "The Witch Hunt" Goodall Leppänen
443 "The Last Mission" Tierres Felmang, Ferri
444 "White as Snow - Red as Blood" Moberg Felmang, Ferri
445 "Death in Venice" Tierres Vallvé ¤
446 "The Wolf Monster" Worker Spadari
447 "The Uranium Wreck" Årnes Bade
448 "Fiery Revenge" DePaul Felmang, Ferri
449 "Jungle Snow" Tierres Felmang, Ferri, Benny
450 "Marsh of the Endless Wind" Goodall Mitton
451 "Mombutu: The Power of Evil" DePaul Leppänen
452 "The Final Battle" Moberg Felmang, Ferri
453 "The Drug Terrorists" Årnes Bade ¤
454 "Kukailomoko, Part 1: Destroyer of the Earth" Årnes Cruz
455 "Kukailomoko, Part 2: Phan-ton" Årnes Cruz
456 "Kukailomoko, Part 3: The City of Slaves" Årnes Cruz
457 "City of the Priest King" Worker Vallvé ¤
458 "The Hidden People" DePaul Felmang, Ferri
459 "Jungle Adventures: The Savannah Giants" Worker Spadari
460 "Wanted - For Murder" Pettersen Nagy, Boro
461 "Aron" Best story 1993 (NO) DePaul Lindahl
462 "The Skull Murders" Avenell Cruz
463 "Evil Schemes" Tierres Felmang, Benny
464 "Jungle Adventures: Devil in New York" Årnes Spadari
465 "Kingdom of the Pirates" Worker Vallvé ¤
466 "The Beast and the Beauties" Nilsson Lindahl
467 "The Ibis Mystery, Part 1: The Evil Paradise" Worker Leppänen
468 "The Ibis Mystery, Part 2: Kazcim Master of the Dumb" Worker Leppänen
469 "The Ibis Mystery, Part 3: Scarface" Worker Leppänen
470 "The Ibis Mystery, Part 4: At the Edge of the Grave" Worker Leppänen
471 "Talking Drums" Schröder Bade ¤
472 "Samaris" Falk, Granberg Felmang, Ferri
473 "The Missing Link" Tierres Felmang, Benny ¤
474 "The Maestro" DePaul Felmang, Waldrag
475 "The Ghost of Tawasu Valley" Avenell Spadari
476 "Operation Jungle Patrol" Avenell Cruz
477 "The Doomsday Mountain" Moberg Leppänen
478 "Election in Bengali, Part 1: The Challenger" Reimerthi Lindahl
479 "Election in Bengali, Part 2: The Loser" Reimerthi Lindahl
480 "Jungle Adventures: Secret of the Gold Container" Årnes Spadari ¤
481 "Kidnapping" Schröder Nagy, Vallvé ¤
482 "The Revenge of Dogai Singh" Worker Felmang, Benny
483 "The Demon of Wasaka" Worker Spadari
484 "Hunted" Moberg Leppänen
485 "Struggle for Freedom" DePaul Moberg, Vallvé
486 "The Evil Game, Part 1" Reimerthi Cruz
487 "The Evil Game, Part 2" Reimerthi Cruz
488 "Seconds from Death" Reimerthi Lindahl
489 "Jungle Adventures: Caesar's Laurel" Årnes Bade ¤
490 "The King of Chicago, Part 1" Moberg Lindahl
491 "The King of Chicago, Part 2" Moberg Lindahl
492 "Hijackers on Board" DePaul Spadari
493 "The Commander is Dead" Best story 1994 (SE) Best (reprint) story 2007 (SE) Best story 1994 (NO) Best (replint) story 2007 (NO) Avenell Leppänen
494 "Viyaya's Treasure" Pettersen Bade
495 "Revenge of the Hypnotist" Reimerthi Cruz
496 "The Triads, Part 1: Deadly Cargo" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
497 "The Triads, Part 2: The Five Thunderbolts" Reimerthi Felmang, Rancho
498 "The Triads, Part 3: The Tiger Queen" Reimerthi Felmang, Ferri
499 "The Triads, Part 4: Death in Shanghai" Reimerthi Felmang, Ferri
500 "The Triads, Part 5: At the End of the Road" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
501 "Caught in the Crossfire" Reimerthi Cruz
502 "Murder in the Eyes" DePaul Leppänen
503 "Diana's New Job" Avenell Lindahl
504 "The Ghost of HMS Atropos" Worker Felmang, Ferri, Waldrag
505 "The Murder Rap" Moberg Bade
506 "The Count of Bengali" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny, Usam
507 "Wambalu the Witchman" Schröder Spadari
508 "The Secret Agent" Reimerthi Cruz
509 "The Crown Prince Mystery" DePaul Lindahl
510 "The Wreck in Bengali Bay" Avenell Felmang, Ferri, Benny
511 "Assignment in Riga" Moberg Felmang, Usam
512 "Death from Radiation" Moberg Moberg, Thunborg
513 "The Demon's Image" Best story 1995 (NO) DePaul Bade ¤
514 "The Golden Falcon" Worker Leppänen
515 "The Wedding Gifts" Avenell Felmang, Ferri, Benny
516 "Duel on Destiny Top, Part 1" Reimerthi Cruz
517 "Duel on Destiny Top, Part 2" Reimerthi Cruz
518 "The Set Up, Part 1" Best story 1995 (SE) Moberg Lindahl
519 "The Set Up, Part 2" Best story 1995 (SE) Moberg Lindahl
520 "Revenge of the Pirate Queen" Worker Spadari
521 "Gullique - The Island of Doom" Falk, Granberg Leppänen
522 "Jungle Bait" Moberg Moberg, Thunborg
523 "The Gun Runners" Moberg Bade
524 "The Suicide Mission" DePaul Felmang, Benny
525 "Fire in the Blood" DePaul Felmang, Waldrag
526 "The Street Kids" Reimerthi Spadari
527 "The Snake Cult, Part 1" Moberg Cruz
528 "Public Enemy Number One" Reimerthi Leppänen
529 "The Magic Flute" Avenell Lindahl
530 "The Mermaids of Melo Straits" Falk, Granberg Felmang, Ferri
531 "The Last Viking" Best story 1996 (SE) Worker Lindahl
532 "The Snake Cult, Part 2" Moberg Cruz
533 "The Sea Jackals" Avenell Leppänen
534 "Captain Walker's Log Book, Part 1" Reimerthi Felmang, Usam
535 "The Devil's Library, Part 1" Reimerthi Boix
536 "Captain Walker's Log Book, Part 2: The Golden Man" Reimerthi Felmang, Rancho
537 "Thor's Hammer" DePaul Spadari
538 "The Disappearance of Prince Rex" Avenell Bade
539 "A Bandar's Pride" Semb Lindahl
540 "Operation Hades" Reimerthi Cruz
541 "The Devil's Library, Part 2: The Devil in Disguise" Reimerthi Boix
542 "Blood Brothers" Moberg Felmang, Ferri, Benny
543 "Ali Baba's Cave" DePaul Spadari
544 "Johnny Hotwire" Best story 1996 (NO) DePaul Lindahl
545 "The Royal Murder Plot, Part 1: The Fatal Letters" Worker Felmang, Benny
546 "The Jungle Sayings: The Strength of Ten Tigers" Worker Vallvé ¤
547 "The Royal Murder Plot, Part 2" Reimerthi Cruz
548 "Curse of the Singh Brotherhood" Moberg Bade
549 "The Devil's Library, Part 3: The Hellhound" Reimerthi Boix
550 "Guardians of the Dead" Avenell Spadari
551 "The Wages of Sin" Reimerthi Felmang, Morrik
552 "The Pugilist" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
553 "Mission to Antarctica" Avenell Cruz
554 "The Secret of Sasquatch Valley" DePaul Bade
555 "Death of Lubanga, Part 1: The Peace Prize Winner" Reimerthi Lindahl
556 "Death of Lubanga, Part 2: The Last Battle" Reimerthi Lindahl
557 "The Devil's Library, Part 4: The Secret Chamber" Reimerthi Leppänen
558 "The Experiment" Moberg Spadari
559 "The False Tsar" Ikonen, Hansegård Felmang, Benny
560 "Land of the Totems" DePaul Felmang, Ferri, Morrik
561 "The Secret of the Well" Avenell Bade
562 "The Jungle Saying" Goodall Cruz
563 "The Viking Castle Mystery" DePaul Spadari
564 "The Ghostly Ruins" Reimerthi Leppänen
565 "The Murderers from Moscow" Årnes Lindahl
566 "The Skull Cave Mystery" Avenell Felmang, Benny
567 "Revenge of the Navajo" DePaul Cruz
568 "The Golden Fleece, Part 1: Argo" Reimerthi Boix
569 "Bastis the Cat Goddess" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
570 "The Golden Fleece, Part 2: The Grave of Tiberius" Reimerthi Boix
571 "The Mystery of Crocco Island" DePaul Spadari
572 "The Golden Fleece, Part 3: Medea's Revenge" Reimerthi Boix
573 "The Ghost Train" DePaul Bade ¤
574 "The Golden Fleece, Part 4" Reimerthi Boix
575 "The Ghost Who Died Twice" Best story 1997 (SE) Best story 1997 (NO) Worker Lindahl
576 "King Fatso" Moberg Felmang, Benny
577 "The Devil's Anvil" Avenell Cruz
578 "The Gold Robbers" Goodall Boix
579 "The Island of Death" DePaul Spadari
580 "Marabella" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
581 "Puppets of Death" Reimerthi Cruz
582 "The Royal Palace Fire" Reimerthi Lindahl
583 "The Psychopath" Moberg Moberg, Thunborg
584 "The Phantom from the Bronx" Årnes Bade
585 "Lily Palmer's Secret" Årnes Felmang, Benny
586 "Return of the Crocco Gang" DePaul Spadari
587 "The Hollywood Murders" DePaul Boix
588 "The Assassination of Prince William" Årnes Felmang, Benny
589 "The Inheritance" Reimerthi Lindahl
590 "Worubu's Secret" Reimerthi Cruz
591 "City of the Skull-Marked Men" Goodall Spadari
592 "The Betrayal" Reimerthi Bade
593 "The Curse of Rakshasa" Ikonen, Hansegård, McLaughlin Felmang, Benny
594 "Death in Central Park" DePaul Boix
595 "Revenge of the Harlequin" Reimerthi Cruz
596 "Blind Justice" Goodall Boix
597 "Return of the Zombies" Best story 1998 (SE) Lindahl Lindahl
598 "The Ring of Death, Part 1" Leppänen, Granberg Leppänen
599 "The Mastermind" Lindahl Lindahl
600 "The Ring of Death, Part 2" Leppänen, Granberg Leppänen
601 "The Star of Sekhmet" Ikonen, Hansegård, McLaughlin Felmang, Morrik
602 "The Return of Goldhand" DePaul Bade
603 "The Horns of Jericho" Moberg Cruz
604 "The Last Phantom, Part 1: The Eighth Circle" Best story 1998 (NO) Reimerthi Felmang
605 "The Last Phantom, Part 2: The Choice" Reimerthi Felmang
606 "The Temple of Seven Dolls" Hansegård, McLaughlin Spadari
607 "The Well of Time" Longstreet Boix
608 "Mystery of the Crypt" Reimerthi Boix
609 "The Harbourmaster's Secret" DePaul Spadari
610 "Lord of the Jungle" Reimerthi, Johnsen Bade
611 "A Deadly Game" Reimerthi Cruz
612 "The Assassination of President Lincoln" DePaul Spadari
613 "Purple Killer" DePaul Felmang
614 "The Montbar Treasure" Reimerthi Boix
615 "The Traitor" Lindahl Lindahl
616 "The Black Phantom" Worker Felmang, Benny
617 "The Voodoo Menace" Reimerthi Bade
618 "The Gold Buddha" Reimerthi Cruz
619 "Alliance of the Golden Ox" Reimerthi Spadari
620 "Nautilus" Longstreet Felmang
621 "The Lethal Science" Reimerthi Lindahl
622 "The Temple" Raab Boix
623 "The Castle of Darkness" Reimerthi Boix
624 "The Freedom Trail" Goodall Felmang
625 "Messenger of Evil" DePaul Bade
626 "The Doomsday Sect" Raab Spadari
627 "The Barbary Pirates" Worker Cruz
628 "The Halloween Gang" Reimerthi Lindahl
629 "Live Cargo" Reimerthi Spadari
630 "The Monument" DePaul Boix

The 2000's

# Title Writer Artist
631 "Tiger Girl" Falk, Granberg Felmang, Ferri
632 "St Lucifer of the Darkness" Reimerthi Bade
633 "The Witches of Bedburg, Part 1: The Water Test" Moberg Leppänen
634 "The Witches of Bedburg, Part 2: The Evil One" Moberg Leppänen
635 "The Spear of Destiny, Part 1" Raab Boix
636 "Revenge of Lubanga, Part 1: The Double" DePaul Felmang, Benny
637 "Revenge of Lubanga, Part 2: Double Game" DePaul Spadari
638 "The Gold Monkey" Longstreet Cruz
639 "Queen Pera the Perfect" Falk, Granberg Felmang, Ferri
640 "The Spear of Destiny, Part 2" Raab Boix
641 "Viva Las Vegas" DePaul Spadari
642 "Fight Evil, Part 1" Reimerthi Bade
643 "Fight Evil, Part 2" Reimerthi Felmang, Morrik
644 "The Black Queen" Longstreet Felmang, Benny
645 "The 22nd Phantom, Part 1" Lindahl Lindahl
646 "The 22nd Phantom, Part 2" Lindahl Lindahl
647 "Julie and the Witchdoctor" Reimerthi Felmang, Morrik
648 "The Tomb of Tzaka" Jönsson Leppänen
649 "The Zombie Maker" Frognes Boix
650 "The Witchdoctor's Secret" Frognes Bade
651 "The Phantom vs Singh 2050" Best story 2000 (SE) Best story 2000 (NO) Reimerthi Lindahl
652 "A Deadly Choice" Moberg Cruz
653 "The Spear of Destiny, Part 3" Raab Boix
654 "The Sword of Atan Singh" Jönsson Spadari
655 "The Baltimore Mystery" DePaul Spadari
656 "The Spear of Destiny, Part 4" Raab Boix
657 "The Lady Luck, Part 1" Falk, Granberg Felmang
658 "The Lady Luck, Part 2" Falk, Granberg Felmang
659 "Treasure of St Lucifer" Reimerthi Bade
660 "Island of Vengeance" Reimerthi Lindahl
661 "The Thirsty Goddess" Jönsson Cruz
662 "The Dark Secret" DePaul Spadari
663 "Durham's Curse" Reimerthi Boix
664 "The Black Cat" Longstreet Felmang
665 "The Prodigal Son" Best story 2001 (SE) Reimerthi Spadari
666 "The Spy" Lindahl Lindahl
667 "Night of the Pirates" Reimerthi Boix
668 "Revenge of the Mafia" Raab Felmang
669 "The Terrorists" DePaul Leppänen
670 "The Hero" Raab Davis ¤
671 "The Slaves" Hedman Spadari
672 "The Ghost House" Reimerthi Boix
673 "The Treasure of the Swamp" Jönsson Roymann
674 "Lethal Cargo" Hedman Perlin
675 "The Jungle Rally" Lindahl Lindahl
676 "Shipwrecked" Worker Cruz
677 "The Invisible Phantom" Best story 2001 (NO) Raab Ryan
678 "Convent Island" Bishop Spadari
679 "The Witch Hunt" Reimerthi Boix
680 "The Search for El Dorado, Part 1" Frognes Frognes
681 "The Search for El Dorado, Part 2" Frognes Frognes
682 "The New Pupil" Reimerthi Boix
683 "The Bank Robbers, Part 1" Moberg Roymann
684 "The Bank Robbers, Part 2" Moberg Roymann
685 "The Wizard's House" Longstreet Giordano
686 "The Hellhound" Reimerthi Cruz
687 "The Floating Cemetery" Lindahl Lindahl
688 "The Clock Maker" DePaul Bade
689 "The Inquisitor" Longstreet Spadari
690 "The Bengali Triangle" Jönsson Perlin ¤
691 "The Bandani Pirates" Frognes Mann
692 "The Long Bow of Little John" Best story 2002 (SE) Bishop Ryan
693 "The Mute Avenger" Hedman Bade
694 "In A Strange Land, Part 1" Reimerthi Spadari
695 "In A Strange Land, Part 2" Best story 2002 (NO) Reimerthi Spadari
696 "The Outcasts" Lindahl Lindahl
697 "The Highland Murders" Bishop Ryan
698 "Patrolman Weeks Suspended" Reimerthi Mann
699 "The Eye of Merlin" Moberg Cruz
700 "Revenge of the Shipwreckers" Reimerthi Giordano
701 "The First Assignment" Raab Mann
702 "The Weapon of Terror" Lindahl Lindahl
703 "Return of the Halloween Gang" Reimerthi Ryan
704 "The Mask of Gaguwara" Reimerthi Boix
705 "The Pirate Queen" Bishop Spadari
706 "Giovanna" Berg Holm Giordano
707 "The Boy from San Diablo" Nolan Leppänen
708 "The Bank Robbers" Reimerthi Mann
709 "Nebuchadnezzar's Ring" DePaul Ryan
710 "Curse of the Troll Drum" Reimerthi Lindahl
711 "The Lyre of Homer" Bishop Spadari
712 "The Treasure in Ronda" Hedman Cruz
713 "The Apprentice" Raab Bade
714 "The Cruel Revenge" Reimerthi Boix
715 "Secret of the Skulls, Part 1" Reimerthi Lindahl
716 "Secret of the Skulls, Part 2" Reimerthi McLeod
717 "Secret of the Skulls, Part 3" Reimerthi Ryan
718 "My Darling Pirate" Best story 2003 (SE) Best story 2003 (NO) Bishop Spadari
719 "The Elixir of Life" Longstreet Giordano
720 "The Psychiatrist" Moberg Mann
721 "Devil - The Wolf Who Cannot Die" Lindahl Lindahl
722 "The Vanishing Lake" Reimerthi Giordano
723 "The Horn of Roland" Worker Cruz
724 "The Deadly Masquerade" Bishop Leppänen
725 "Dogai Singh's Treasure" Reimerthi Ryan
726 "Forbidden Gold" Lindahl Spadari
727 "The Hood" Reimerthi Boix
728 "The Mysterious Commander" Moberg McLeod
729 "The Grave Robbers" Bishop Leppänen
730 "The Secret of the Falls" Stern Giordano
731 "The Poison Maker" Lindahl Lindahl
732 "Son of the Pirate Queen" Best story 2004 (SE) Best story 2004 (NO) Bishop Spadari
733 "The 21st Phantom" Reimerthi Ryan
734 "Molok" Reimerthi Ryan
735 "The Courier" Reimerthi Saviuk
736 "Johnny Hotwire Rides Again" DePaul Lindahl
737 "The Lethal Trap" Reimerthi Leppänen
738 "Death of a Phantom" Bishop Spadari
739 "Of the Same Blood" Bishop Spadari
740 "The Black Widow" Reimerthi Ryan
741 "Eye of the Hurricane" Bishop, Lindahl Leppänen
742 "The Doomsday Ship" Bishop, Lindahl McLeod
743 "The Grim Reaper" Reimerthi Ryan
744 "Annihilate All Singh" Reimerthi Boix
745 "Death at the Fun Park" Reimerthi Lindahl
746 "The Secret Singh Leader" Reimerthi Spadari
747 "In the Shadow of Death" Reimerthi Lindahl
748 "Diana's Crisis, Part 1: The Mysterious Wreck" Seter Felmang, Benny
749 "Diana's Crisis, Part 2: Diana Disappears" Reimerthi Ryan, McLeod
750 "The Plague" Bishop Leppänen
751 "The Phantom - Man or Myth?" Reimerthi Saviuk
752 "The King of Norway" Best story 2005 (NO) Nordberg Lindahl
753 "Son of the Pirate Queen, Part 1: The Skull Necklace" Bishop Spadari
754 "The Redeemer, Part 1: Healing Hands" Reimerthi Leppänen
755 "Diana's Crisis, Part 3: The Search for Diana" DePaul Felmang, Usam
756 "Son of the Pirate Queen, Part 2: The Royal Target" Bishop Boix
757 "Son of the Pirate Queen, Part 3: The Goddess of Death" Bishop Spadari
758 "Diana's Crisis, Part 4: Diana's Dilemma" DePaul Felmang, Usam
759 "The Redeemer, Part 2: The Farm" Reimerthi Lindahl
760 "The Redeemer, Part 3: The Army" Reimerthi McLeod
761 "The Racist Cult" Reimerthi Bade
762 "Grigor's Casino" Knutsson Bade
763 "Jonathon Wild, Part 1: King of Thieves" Reimerthi Leppänen
764 "Jonathon Wild, Part 2: Sentenced to Hang" Reimerthi Leppänen
765 "Temple of the Gods, Part 3: The Secret Sect" DePaul Ryan
766 "Diana's Crisis, Part 5: Night of the Phantoms" DePaul Felmang, Usam
767 "Death in Cyberspace" Lindahl Lindahl
768 "The London Underground Murders, Part 1: Cutbush" Bishop Spadari
769 "The London Underground Murders, Part 2: Maniac at Large" Bishop Spadari
770 "The Shadow" Reimerthi Leppänen
771 "The Plunderers of Kinloch Island" Reimerthi McLeod, Whigham
772 "The Philosopher's Stone, Part 1: Phoenix Reborn" Reimerthi Lindahl
773 "The Philosopher's Stone, Part 2: King of Beggars" Reimerthi Leppänen
774 "The Moriarty Experiment" Bishop Spadari
775 "Circe's Island, Part 1: The Institute" Bishop Felmang
776 "Circe's Island, Part 2: The Destruction" Bishop Felmang
777 "The Philosopher's Stone, Part 3: The Lost Library" Reimerthi Saviuk, Giordano
778 "The Philosopher's Stone, Part 4: The Middle of the World" Reimerthi Leppänen
779 "Lost in Cyberspace" Lindahl Lindahl
780 "Temple of the Gods, Part 4: Servant of Evil" Bishop, Lindahl Ryan
781 "Temple of the Gods, Part 5: Thirst" Bishop, Lindahl Spadari
782 "Son of the Jungle" DePaul Leppänen
783 "Return of the Commander, Part 1" Reimerthi Boix
784 "Duel in Cyberspace" Lindahl Lindahl
785 "The Loch Ness Monster" Reimerthi Bade
786 "Return of the Commander, Part 2" Reimerthi Boix
787 "My Swedish Enemy" Lundström Leppänen
788 "Temple of the Gods, Part 6: The Beasts Stir" Bishop, Lindahl Spadari
789 "Deadly Virus" Reimerthi Spadari
790 "The Phantom Crusader, Part 1" Best story 2007 (SE) Reimerthi Leppänen
791 "Out of the Shadows" DePaul Felmang, Usam
792 "The Death Peddlers" Bishop Velluto
793 "Chaos in Cyberspace" Lindahl Lindahl
794 "The Phantom Crusader, Part 2" Reimerthi Leppänen
795 "Ice Cold Death" DePaul Giordano
796 "The Devil's Kiss" Bishop Bade
797 "Dogai - The Road to Power" Best story 2007 (NO) Reimerthi Lindahl
798 "The New President" Reimerthi Velluto
799 "The New Leader" Reimerthi Lindahl
800 "The Phantom Crusader, Part 3" Reimerthi Leppänen
801 "Ghost Express" Bishop Spadari
802 "The Slave Ship" Bishop Felmang
803 "Dark Justice" Reimerthi Bade
804 "Secret of Phantom Head Peak" Bishop Felmang
805 "The Great Deception, Part 1" Reimerthi Boix
806 "The Great Deception, Part 2" Reimerthi Spadari
807 "The Jury of Death" Lindahl Lindahl
808 "The Phantom Army" Bishop Velluto
809 "The Castaways" Best story 2008 (SE) Lundström Leppänen
810 "Guran Disappears" DePaul Boix
811 "The Emperor's Gift" Bishop Spadari
812 "The White Elephant" Reimerthi Bade
813 "The Pirate Festival" Reimerthi Leppänen
814 "The Hunt for the Black Carnation" Lindahl Lindahl
815 "The Mystery at Pendragon House" Reimerthi Boix
816 "Alter Ego" Bishop Spadari
817 "The Devil of Ravenscar" Best story 2008 (NO) Reimerthi Bade
818 "Blood Diamonds" Bishop Velluto
819 "The Freedom Ship" DePaul Felmang
820 "Secret of the Leech Pond" Reimerthi Leppänen
821 "Destination Haiti" Bishop Spadari
822 "The Valley of Horses" Lindahl Lindahl
823 "The Gandor Sect" Reimerthi Bade
824 "Sins of the Past, Part 1" Bishop Spadari
825 "The Witch Hunt" Bishop Velluto
826 "The Phantom Gladiator, Part 1" Best story 2009 (SE) Reimerthi Leppänen
827 "Wipe out Bengete" Reimerthi Bade
828 "Sins of the Past, Part 2" Bishop Spadari
829 "Saved by Fate" Jansson Lindahl
830 "The Phantom Gladiator, Part 2" Reimerthi Leppänen
831 "Lord of the Hyenas" Reimerthi Bade
832 "Pirates Ahead, Part 1" DePaul Boix
833 "Pirates Ahead, Part 2" DePaul Felmang
834 "Duel at Deadman's Gulch" Best story 2009 (NO) Reimerthi Lindahl
835 "Hooded Justice, Part 1" Bishop Velluto
836 "Hooded Justice, Part 2" Bishop Spadari
837 "The Phantom Gladiator, Part 3" Reimerthi Leppänen

The 2010's

# Title Writer Artist
838 "The Dragon Throne" Best story 2010 (SE) Hansegård Bade
839 "Hotspot Barbados" Reimerthi Lindahl
840 "The Murder Victim" DePaul Spadari
841 "Johnny Hotwire – Outlaw Days" DePaul Velluto
842 "The Promise" DePaul Leppänen
843 "The Invasion of Baronkhan" Reimerthi Felmang
844 "Cloak of Darkness" Reimerthi Bade
845 "The Wolfman's Treasure" DePaul Spadari
846 "Patrolman Aurora" Reimerthi Velluto
847 "The Plutonium Wreck" DePaul Boix
848 "The Governor and Scarface" Reimerthi Leppänen
849 "Sala and the President" DePaul Felmang
850 "The Cabin Boy and the Princess" Best story 2010 (SE) Best story 2010 (NO) Lundström Lindahl
851 "The Great Race" DePaul Spadari
852 "The Sons of Captain Walker" Best story 2011 (SE) Lundström Lindahl
853 "Walker's Ride" Reimerthi Velluto
854 "In the Shadow of the Guillotine" Reimerthi Bade
855 "Power of the Skull Mark" Reimerthi Bade
856 "The Legend of Rahotep, Part 1" Reimerthi Leppänen
857 "Sister Steelfist" DePaul Spadari
858 "The Skull Murders" Reimerthi Velluto
859 "The Legend of Rahotep, Part 2" Reimerthi Leppänen
860 "Fatal Salvation" Reimerthi Bade
861 "Dangerous Escape" Reimerthi Felmang, Ferri
862 "Fateful Meeting" Reimerthi Lindahl
863 "Encounter With Murder" Reimerthi Boix
864 "The Legend of Rahotep, Part 3" Reimerthi Leppänen
865 "The Scapegoat" Reimerthi Velluto
866 "The New Abbess" Bishop Spadari
867 "A Strong Case" Lundström Lindahl
868 "The Gulf of Aden Pirates" Best story 2011 (NO) Kajander Leppänen
869 "Burnt Offering" Reimerthi Bade
870 "Trapped in the Pack Ice" DePaul Boix
871 "The Jungle Vampire" DePaul Felmang, Ferri
872 "Grinning Jack's Treasure" Reimerthi Spadari
873 "The Pirates' Prisoner" Best story 2012 (SE) Best story 2012 (NO) Lundström Lindahl
874 "Save Jerusalem" Reimerthi Leppänen
875 "Valley of the Apes" DePaul Velluto
876 "The Resurrection Man" Reimerthi Bade
877 "The Poisoned Land" Pellerin Spadari
878 "U-118" Pellerin Leppänen
879 "Prisoner in the Skull Cave" Reimerthi Lindahl
880 "The Curse of Djudju" DePaul Felmang, Ferri
881 "Bigfoot" Pellerin Boix
882 "The Coffin" Pellerin Bade
883 "Secret of the Templar Knights" Reimerthi Leppänen
884 "The Final Days" Pellerin Velluto
885 "The Runestone Saga" Pellerin Boix
886 "The Bandar Idol" DePaul Spadari
887 "The Devil Camp" Reimerthi Saviuk
888 "The Brotherhood of the Ring" Reimerthi Bade
889 "The Slave Ship Zong" Best story 2013 (NO) Lundström Lindahl
890 "Year 1349" Best story 2013 (SE) Reimerthi Leppänen
891 "The Search For Mu" Reimerthi, Lindahl Spadari
892 "Rodia - Twilight" Reimerthi Felmang
893 "The Whistleblower" Bishop Saviuk
894 "Rodia - Night" Reimerthi Boix
895 "The Basilisk" Madden Leppänen
896 "Invisible Eyes" Reimerthi Bade
897 "The Pandemic" Madden Velluto
898 "The Haunted Bay" Lindahl Lindahl
899 "The Curse of Robert Fitzgiles" Madden Spadari
900 "Rodia - Dawn" Reimerthi Boix
901 "Dirty Business" Madden Saviuk
902 "The Black King" Hansegård Leppänen
903 "Medusa's Keeper" Madden Bade
904 "Day of the Dead" Hansegård Kerac
905 "Navajo" Frognes Spadari
906 "The Last of the Merovingans" Reimerthi Leppänen
907 "The Butcher from Clarksville" Siverbo Velluto
908 "Citadel of Death" Bishop Saviuk
909 "Cyclops" Madden Bade
910 "Epilogue" Reimerthi Boix
911 "Path to Truth" Madden Lindahl
912 "Temple of the Snow Demon" Hansegård Felmang
913 "Death of a Pirate Queen" Best story 2014 (SE) Best story 2014 (NO) Bishop Spadari
914 "The Immortal" Lundström Felmang
915 "The New France" Frognes Leppänen
916 "Raiders of the Lost City, Part 1" Reimerthi Saviuk
917 "Operation Enigma" Bishop Spadari
918 "The Usurer" Rassy Bade
919 "The Secret Weapon" Frognes Leppänen
920 "Blood Red Sea" Reimerthi Boix
921 "The Rivals" Madden Velluto
922 "The Bourbon Tax" Hansegård Bade
923 "A Plague in Venice" Best story 2015 (SE) Best story 2015 (NO) Lundström Lindahl
924 "The Medicine Man's Daughter" Semb Spadari
925 "Raiders of the Lost City, Part 2" Reimerthi Saviuk
926 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 1" Reimerthi Leppänen
927 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 2" Reimerthi Leppänen
928 "The Skull Gang" Reimerthi Bade
929 "1943, Part 1" Rassy Saviuk
930 "1943, Part 2" Rassy Saviuk
931 "Ticket to Freedom" Reimerthi Jonsson
932 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 3" Reimerthi Leppänen
933 "Singh War, Part 1: The Flying Dutchman" Reimerthi Spadari
934 "Singh War, Part 2: Rodiagate" Reimerthi Bade
935 "The Mark of Cain" Madden Ruiz
936 "The Thief" Reimerthi Saviuk
937 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 4: A Diabolical Plan" Reimerthi Leppänen
938 "Predator's Road" Reimerthi Bade
939 "Snake in Paradise" Reimerthi Spadari
940 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 5: Revolt" Reimerthi Leppänen
941 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 6: The King of Louisiana" Best story 2016 (SE) Reimerthi Leppänen
942 "The 22nd Phantom, Part 1: The Empty Throne" Reimerthi Ryan
943 "Nuclear Terror" Semb Ruiz
944 "The Phantom Cult" Madden Velluto
945 "The 22nd Phantom, Part 2: Baptism of Fire" Reimerthi Saviuk
946 "Mystery of the Ivy Crown" Siverbo Boix
947 "Frisco Frenzy" Rassy Bade
948 "The 22nd Phantom, Part 3: The Man in the Shadows" Reimerthi Ruiz, Martínez
949 "Lost at Sea, Part 1: The Island of Mysteries" Reimerthi Spadari
950 "Lost at Sea, Part 2: The Singing Statues" Reimerthi Spadari
951 "The Karabasan League" Best story 2017 (NO) Madden Boix
952 "The Ghost of Thanatos" Reimerthi Bade
953 "Black Dagger, Part 1: The Rag Doll" Reimerthi Leppänen
954 "Black Dagger, Part 2: The Curse of Black Annis" Reimerthi Leppänen
955 "The Man with Six Fingers" Reimerthi Saviuk
956 "Red Zone" Bishop Ruiz
957 "Shadows over Spyglass" Reimerthi Boix
958 "Butterfly Man" Reimerthi Spadari
959 "The Scavengers" Reimerthi Ruiz, Martínez
960 "The Dark Chalice, Part 1: The Ghost in Glastonbury" Reimerthi Leppänen
961 "The Dark Chalice, Part 2: The Tomb of the Sorceress" Reimerthi Leppänen
962 "From Heaven Sent" Sol Pedrazzini
963 "The Golden Eagle" Madden Saviuk
964 "The Forgotten Tribe" Sol Ordon
965 "The Ghost at Gallows' Inn" Best story 2018 (SE) Reimerthi Bade
966 "Guardian of the Eastern Dark, Part 1: The Man on the Zebra" Sol Spadari
967 "Guardian of the Eastern Dark, Part 2: The Mountain of Doom" Sol Spadari
968 "Blood Rain" Eriksson Velluto, Bade, Saviuk,
Boix, Leppänen,
Pedrazzini, Spadari, Ruiz
969 "The Pit of Doom" Karlstrom, Carling Ruiz, Martínez
970 "The Angel of Retribution" Reimerthi Boix
971 "The Fight Against Singh, Part 1: Shadows over Singhtown" Reimerthi Ordon
972 "The Fight Against Singh, Part 2: In the Shadow of the Enemy" Reimerthi Ordon
973 Karlstrom, Carling Ruiz, Martínez ¤
974 Reimerthi Leppänen ¤
975 Reimerthi Bade ¤
976 Reimerthi Spadari ¤
977 "The Devil in Stockholm" Best story 2019 (SE) Sol Bielecki ¤
978 "The Prisoner of the Golden Cage" Reimerthi Boix, Ruiz, Martínez
979 "The Fight Against Singh, Part 3: Gauntlet with Death" Reimerthi Ordon
980 "Death in Carpatia" Sol Ordon ¤
981 Reimerthi Leppänen ¤
982 "The Fight Against Singh, Part 4: A Family Affair" Reimerthi Ordon
983 "The Eye of Bengali" Spay, Sol Spay ¤
984 "A New Hope" Sol Spay ¤

The 2020's

# Title Writer Artist
985 "The Secret Theatre, Part 1: The Man with the Silver Nose" Reimerthi Leppänen
986 "The Secret Theatre, Part 2: Shakespeare in Venice" Reimerthi Leppänen
987 "The Secret Theatre, Part 3: The Final Performance" Reimerthi Leppänen
988 Reimerthi Ordon
989 Reimerthi Spay
990 Reimerthi Müller, Spay
991 Reimerthi Leppänen
992 Habinc Fernandez, Martínez
993 Reimerthi Ordon
994 Reimerthi Ordon
995 "A Web of Lies" Reimerthi Leppänen ¤
996 Carlsson Spay
997 "Nosferatu's Revenge" Reimerthi Ordon
998 "Floating Borders" Reimerthi Leppänen ¤
999 "The Street Predators" Carlsson Spay ¤
1000 "The True Singh Brotherhood‎" Eriksson Ordon ¤

Additional works

In addition to the stories listed above, Team Fantomen has also produced some odd stories which for different reasons are excluded from the main list. With the exception of "The Heart of Darkness", which was translated by Frew beginning in 2015, none of these stories have been translated into English.

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