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Stripoteka was a Yugoslavian/Serbian comic magazine published by Marketprint.


Stripoteka included a wide variety of comics in every issue. "The Phantom" appeared in a total of seven issues. Stripoteka was canceled in 2019, with 1049 issues published in total. From 2016 to 2019 publisher of Stripoteka was Darkwood.

In addition, the Phantom has appeared on the cover of issues #1000 and #1173.

Published stories

Issue Title Writer Artist Comments
342/343 "The Wharf Rats" Falk Barry
358/359 "The Drummer of Timpenni" Falk Barry
376/377 "The Reef" Falk Barry
390/391 "The Bad Ones" Falk Barry
"The Epidemic" Falk Barry
"The Hanta Witch" Falk Barry
"Prince Hali and the White Stallion" Falk Barry

Issue overview

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