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First appearance: ?
Created by: Mario Pedrazzi (?)

Strangol is an enemy of the Phantom.

Fictional Character Biography

According to Fratelli Spada stories

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Behind the scenes

Team Fantomen created a character called The Iron Hand in 1964. When Fratelli Spada stories were published in Fantomen in the late 1960s, Strangol was also given the name The Iron Hand. However, they were not presented as the same character despite having the same name.

Notable Appearances

Fratelli Spada stories

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Title Writer Artist Comments
"Legacy of Vengeance" unknown Leonetti
"The Bait and Prey" unknown Pedrazzi
"The Trap" unknown Pedrazzi
"The River Pirates" unknown Pedrazzi
"Assault on the Phantom's Treasure" unknown Pedrazzi
"The Hideout in the Desert" unknown Silvestrini
"The Strike of the Mole" unknown Pedrazzi
"The Jewel Heist" unknown Pedrazzi
"The Return of Strangol" unknown Pedrazzi
"The Band of the Cripples" unknown Pedrazzi
"The Unattainable Emeralds" unknown Pedrazzi, Felmang