Return of the Singh Brotherhood

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Return of the Singh Brotherhood
Return of the Singh Brotherhood.jpg
Produced for: The Phantom #962
# of pgs: 32
Writer: Jim Shepherd
Artist: Keith Chatto
Original colorist: N/A
Producer: Frew Publications

"Return of the Singh Brotherhood" from 1990 is the second story to be produced by Frew. It is written by Jim Shepherd, and drawn by Keith Chatto.

Plot synopsis

A cruiser is attacked by pirates outside the Bangalla coast, killing everyone on-board, including the niece and nephew of President Luaga. When the Phantom hears that a spotted flag was seen on the attacking vessel, the he realizes that his archenemies the Singh Brotherhood are back once again, having recovered after the death of Kabai Singh.

After paying a visit to a rough Morristown bar, the Phantom learns that Kabai Singh's son is now in command of the Brotherhood, and he promises Luaga to find them. Suspecting that the inhospitable Cloud Island might be the new headquarter of the Brotherhood, The Phantom sets out to investigate. Finding out he was correct, he meets the new leader, Kabai Singh, Jr., and following a wild battle, where Kabai Jr. accuses The Phantom for the death of his father, the Singh base is destroyed. As a Morristown patrol boat is about to arrive to the island, Kabai is faced with utter defeat, and blows up his only remaining boat with himself, the whole Brotherhood and The Phantom aboard it. The Phantom barely survives, only to find out that every single Singh pirate has been found dead. The only exception is Kabai, who is lost and presumed deceased.

The story ends with Kabai Singh reappearing in a small native settlement, south of Cloud Island, beginning to tell the villagers stories about a frightful man called The Phantom.


Recurring characters

One-time characters



Old jungle sayings

  • "When The Phantom moves, lightning stands still..."
  • "The Phantom moves faster than a great cat, with the power of a charging bull-elephant..."
  • "The Phantom in fury is a sight to behold..."


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