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RGE or Rio Gráfica e Editora was a Brazilian publisher of comics.


RGE was the comic book publishing arm of Editora Globo. It was essentially the same company, and had the same owner, Roberto Marinho. RGE was the principal publisher of Phantom comics in Brazil. Globo created RGE in 1948 for the purpose of handling publication of comic books. RGE also produced their own Phantom stories.

Phantom publications published by RGE

Serialized "The Phantom" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
Fantasma (RGE) 1953-1986 371
Fantasma Edição Extra 1953-1971 6
Almanaque do Fantasma 1955-1978
Fantasma Especial (RGE - 1st Series) 1972-1978 3
O Fantasma Novels 1975-1977 3
Superalmanaque Fantasma 1980-1983 13
Hiperalmanaque Fantasma 1981-1982 3
Arquivos Secretos do Fantasma 1981-1982 2
Fantasma Especial (RGE - 2nd Series) 1983-1986 7

"The Phantom" one-shots

Title Year
O Filho do Fantasma 1965
Mini-Edição da Revista Fantasma 1969
Gibi Especial 2 1975
O Casamento do Fantasma 1978
A Lua-de-Mel do Fantasma 1978
Fantasma Especial: Os Bebés do Fantasma 1979
Fantasma Album 1979
Fantasma Especial (RGE) 1980

Anthology appearances

Title Year
Super Almanaque Especial 1972
Almanaque do Gibi Nostalgia 1 1975
Almanaque do Gibi Nostalgia 3 1976

As backup title

Title Issue(s)
Mandrake (RGE) ? (325 in total)
Gibi de Ouro 1 (6 in total)