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Phantom (Semic)

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Phantom was the title of a Phantom comic book published by Swedish publisher Semic Press in West Germany from October 1966 to May 1969. It was printed in Sweden and distributed by Bildschriften Verlag GmbH in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia of West Germany.


Phantom was one of the earliest Semic publications outside Scandinavia. The contents were put together by the staff of Semic Press in Stockhom, and then translated to German. The corresponding issues of Fantomet in Norway and Mustanaamio in Finland that were published at the same time had the same contents.

The covers, in colour, were painted by Rolf Gohs. The contents were published in black/white and the format was 17 cm × 26 cm. At the beginning published bimonthly, it became monthly in May 1967.

All the stories came from the American dailies and Sundays pages. It's worth noticing that in those days when the more modern Phantom version by Sy Barry had recently been introduced and were at the time published daily in some German newspapers, almost all stories in the Phantom series were drawn by Wilson McCoy.

The comic book had in general one Phantom story and was most often completed by one Johnny Hazard story by Frank Robbins or, in some other cases, by a shorter Western story. The initial pagination of 52 pages was reduced to 36 pages with #23.

A serial of "The 12 Tasks" published in color on the back cover began in #24, but only one more episode was published before the series ended.


Promotional posters were supplied for at least two issues.

Issue overview

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