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|Title=Muthu Comics #186
|Title=Muthu Comics #58
|image= [[Image:muthu comics 58.jpg|200px]]
|image= [[Image:muthu comics 58.jpg|200px]]
|Coverartist= unknown
|Coverartist= unknown

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Muthu Comics #58
Muthu comics 58.jpg
Cover artist: unknown
Country/language: Mini india.gif India / Tamil
Format: 16 × 20 cm
Pages: 68 pgs, blue
Publishing date: January 1977
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Prakash Publishers
Preceded by: Muthu Comics #57
Followed by: Muthu Comics #60


Phantom stories

Other comics

  • "Ripley's Believe It or Not!"
  • "Henry" by Don Trachte


  • "Phantom's World"


  • This issue also contains games "The Phantom's Cave" and "Ivory Smugglers".