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Produced for: Legacy (2006)
# of pgs: 96
Writer: Ben Raab
Artist: Pat Quinn
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: Moonstone Books

"Legacy" is a 2006 Phantom story from Moonstone Books, written by Ben Raab and drawn by Pat Quinn. It is a re-telling of the origin story of the First Phantom, told from his perspective. The story is unique in the sense that it is designed to look like the pages from one of the Phantom's own chronicle books, with Raab adapting a writing style suited for the time period the story takes place in. Art Lyon lettered, colored and designed the story to make it look like the pages of a chronicle.

Plot summary

The origin of The Phantom as you've never seen it before, as told by The Ghost Who Walks himself! Ripped from the pages of the very first Chronicle, this original 96-page epic by Banjamin Raab and illustrated y Pat Quinn and Ary Lyon reveals how a centuries old tradition of fighting piracy, cruelty and injustice was passed down from one generation of Walker to the next...


This story has been published in the following publications:

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