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Karjalainen is a Finnish newspaper that publishes "The Phantom" daily strip.


The first Phantom comic strip; from Karjalainen (October 1, 1940).

Karjalainen was the first publication in Finland to publish the Phantom. The strip started on October 1, 1940 under the title "Phantom". It was published until 2011. However, due to many readers demanding that the strip return the editor soon promised that the strip would return in 2012. Before the break the latest published story was "The Death of Diana Palmer Walker".

Karjalainen April 14, 2012 supplement.

On April 14, 2012 a 16 page supplement titled "Fantom" was included with Karjalainen. The supplement included the complete story "The Phantom at Sea", articles and crossword puzzle about the Phantom, jungle sayings, and interviews with readers where they remembered their memories about the Phantom during many decades.

The strip returned to Karjalainen on May 1, 2012.

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Published stories

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Original story title Start date End date Comment
"The Golden Circle" October 1, 1940 April 24, 1941 without the first six weeks
"The Sea Horse" April 26, 1941 March 17 (?), 1942
"The Game of Alvar" March 18 (?), 1942 August 8, 1942
"Diana Aviatrix Lost" August 9, 1942 March 14, 1943
"The Phantom's Treasure" March 16, 1943 September 20, 1943
"Fishers of Pearls" September 21, 1943 January 19, 1944
"Bent Beak Broder" January 20, 1944 May 28, 1944 the first eight strips missing
"The Phantom's Engagement" May 31, 1944 August 4, 1944
"High Seas Highjacker" August 5, 1944 March 1, 1945 the first nine strips missing
"Diana" March 2, 1945 May 31, 1945
"The Crooner" June 7, 1945 September 7, 1945
"The Maharajah's Daughter" September 8, 1945 ?, 1946
"The Death of Diana Palmer Walker" ? ?, 2011
"The Phantom at Sea" April 14, 2012 April 14, 2012 complete story in the supplement
"Terror Cells of New York" May 1, 2012 August 27, 2012
"The Trail to Gravelines Prison" August 28, 2012 ?, 2012
"Chatu's Fate" ? May 25, 2013
"The College Kid" May 27, 2013 ?
"The Scoundrel" ? ?
"Patrolman X" ? ?