Kabai Singh

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Kabai Singh
First appearance: "The Singh Brotherhood"
Created by: Lee Falk & Ray Moore

Kabai Singh was the emperor of the Singh Brotherhood. In the 1996 motion picture, where he is known as "The Great Kabi Sengh ", he is portrayed by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.

Fictional biography

According to Lee Falk

The cruel and powerful Kabai Singh was the leader of the Singh Brotherhood, with his nephew Achmed Singh and protegé Sala as second-in-commands. He was driven by a deep hatred towards the western world and ruled the feared Singh Brotherhood from its secret headquarter in Krakatan, an underwater village in the Java Sea. Unlike other Singh pirates he had never believed in The Phantom, but as the Ghost Who Walks appears in Krakatan, a visit ending in its destruction, he is forced to review this opinion.

Following the fall of Krakatan, Kabai moves his base of operations to Mount Trepnich in the East Indies, where he eventually manages to incarcerate The Phantom. However - as he is about to order the execution of the Brotherhood's archenemy, the Royal Air Force arrives at Mount Trepnich, beginning to bomb it. At the same time, Sala, who has fallen in love with The Phantom, attacks Kabai, stabbing him in the back, killing him.

Following the death of Kabai Singh and the fall of Mount Trepnich, the Singh Brotherhood was defeated, never to appear again.

According to Team Fantomen

Although the Brotherhood suffered greatly from the showdown at Mount Trepnich, it was merely hurt, and by no means defeated. Following the death of Kabai Singh, his nephews Ahmed and Hahmad fought for control of the Brotherhood, eventually loosing to Hahmad's brother, Dogai, who was established as the new leader of the Brotherhood.

Accorting to Frew stories

Years after Kabai's death, his son, Kabai Singh, Jr., reestablished the Brotherhood, for a short time, before it once again was defeated by The Phantom.


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Daily & Sunday stories

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"The Singh Brotherhood" Falk Moore

RGE stories

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"The Sunken Treasure" Falk Monteiro  
"The End of Singh Empire" Falk Monteiro

Team Fantomen stories

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"Dogai - The Road to Power" Reimerthi Lindahl flashback

Frew stories

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"Return of the Singh Brotherhood" Shepherd Chatto flashback

Film adaptations