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Jan Lundström
Biographical information
Born: March 16, 1941
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini sweden.gif Swedish
Occupation: Writer, Editorial people
Website: N/A
Winner.jpg Best Story (Sweden) Winner.jpg

2008: "The Castaways"
2010: "The Cabin Boy and the Princess"
2011: "The Sons of Captain Walker"
2012: "The Pirates' Prisoner"
2015: "A Plague in Venice"
Winner.jpg Best Story (Norway) Winner.jpg
2010: "The Cabin Boy and the Princess"
2012: "The Pirates' Prisoner"
2015: "A Plague in Venice"

Jan "Janne" Lundström (born 1941) is a Swedish writer.


In the late 1960's, Lundström and Magnus Knutsson edited the Italian Phantom stories produced by Fratelli Spada that were currently being published in the Fantomen comic book. Eventually, Knutsson and Lundström got the opportunity to write completely new scripts, and took the chance to modernize the Phantom comic which had been criticized for some time in Sweden. They brought in more up to date storylines that reflected the current situation in Africa.

Lundström was the main writer of Team Fantomen for most of the 1970's. His big interest in history also laid the foundation for the very popular historical stories about previous Phantoms, which has been a cornerstone of the Swedish Phantom production.

Before the Team Fantomen production really had taken off, Lundström also provided scripts for two Fratelli Spada stories (edited together as one story when reprinted in Sweden) in 1972. This was an experiment, to make the Fratelli Spada stories more in line with what was published in Fantomen and not require so much editing before being reprinted in Sweden. However, the Fratelli Spada production ended the following year so this experiment was never repeated.

In 1968, Lundström was one of the founders of Seriefrämjandet (The Swedish Comics Society), along with Magnus Knutsson.

Lundström was editor of the Swedish X9 (re-named Agent X9 in 1971) comic book from the start 1969 to 1975. In the beginning, this comic book also contained Phantom stories.

In 1977, Lundström left the Phantom when he created his own comic strip "Johan Vilde" ("Johan the Savage"), about a Swedish boy in the 1600's that is raised by an African tribe in the Swedish African colonies. The comic was illustrated by Jaime Vallvé and they produced four albums in total. After that, Lundström began to write children's books about Johan Vilde.

Other comics written by Lundström after he left "The Phantom" were "Gerillaserien" ("The Guerilla Series") and one album of "Mystiska 2:an" (drawn by Rolf Gohs). From the 1990's and onwards, he mostly wrote books. In 1991, he became a member of the Swedish Children's Book Academy.

In 2007, Lundström returned to writing Phantom stories sporadically. Since then, he has won the Best Story vote five times in Sweden and three times in Norway.

Phantom work by Janne Lundström


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Earthquake" Lundström Gohs ¤
2 "The River that Disappears" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
3 "The Water Test" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
4 "The Secret Kingdom" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
5 "The Secret of the Plantation" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
6 "The Forgotten Valley" Lundström Bergman, Wilhelmsson ¤
7 "The False Commandant" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
8 "The Ghost on Tamba Lake" Lundström Vallvé ¤
9 "The Treasure of the Singh Pirates" Lundström Eralp ¤
10 "The River Spirit" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
11 "Return of the Ghost" Lundström Vallvé
12 "The Trade War" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
13 "Intrigue in Istanbul" Lundström Eralp ¤
14 "The Plague" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
15 "The Man with the White Mask" Lundström Vallvé
16 "The Pirates Prisoner" Lundström Vallvé
17 "Portrait of a Ghost" Lundström Vallvé
18 "The Prophecy of the Kaldéers" Lundström Vallvé
19 "The Skull-Marked" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
20 "The Snake Girl" Lundström Vallvé ¤
21 "Zombie" Lundström Vallvé ¤
22 "The Milk Drinker" Lundström Vallvé
23 "Double Kidnapping" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
24 "The Parasite" Lundström Vallvé ¤
25 "Terror in the Desert" Lundström Eralp
26 "Mutiny" Lundström Vallvé ¤
27 "The Secret of the Coal Mine" Lundström Eralp ¤
28 "The Tiger from Rangoon" Lundström Wilhelmsson
29 "The Treasure from Peking" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
30 "The Demon Mask" Lundström Vallvé ¤
31 "The Prisoner in Venice" Lundström, Vallvé Vallvé ¤
32 "The Slavers" Lundström, Eralp Eralp ¤
33 "Diana Married" Lundström, Eralp Eralp ¤
34 "Treasure of the Yoga Men" Granberg, Lundström Vallvé ¤
35 "Wagon Master" Granberg, Lundström Eralp
36 "Secret of the Swamp" Lundström Vallvé
37 "Airplane Hijacked" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
38 "The Prisoner in Marrakech" Lundström Vallvé
39 "Laurann's Wedding" Granberg, Lundström Eralp ¤
40 "Plutonium Terror" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
41 "Curse of the Medicine Men" Lundström Eralp ¤
42 "The Treasure Hunt" Lundström Vallvé ¤
43 "The Secret of the Statues" Lundström Eralp ¤
44 "The Prediction" Lundström Wilhelmsson
45 "The Indian Hater" Lundström Eralp
46 "The Wolfman" Lundström Vallvé
47 "Deadly Joke" Lundström Wilhelmsson ¤
48 "The Avenger" Lundström Vallvé
49 "The Mummy's Curse" Lundström Vallvé
50 "Kidnap the President" Lundström, Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson, Eralp
51 "On Forbidden Land" Lundström Vallvé ¤
52 "Goldhand" Lundström Bess
53 "The Gold Mystery" Lundström Bade ¤
54 "My Swedish Enemy" Lundström Leppänen
55 "The Castaways" Sweden - 2008 Lundström Leppänen
56 "The Cabin Boy and the Princess" Sweden - 2010 Norway - 2010 Lundström Lindahl
57 "The Sons of Captain Walker" Sweden - 2011 Lundström Lindahl
58 "A Strong Case" Lundström Lindahl
59 "The Pirates' Prisoner" Sweden - 2012 Norway - 2012 Lundström Lindahl
60 "The Slave Ship Zong" Norway - 3013 Lundström Lindahl
61 "The Immortal" Lundström Felmang
62 "A Plague in Venice" Sweden - 2015 Norway - 2015 Lundström Lindahl

Fratelli Spada stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Last of the Singh Pirates" Lundström Cambiotti, Lombardi
2 "The Fountain of Mystery" Lundström Cambiotti, Lombardi