Gabrielle de Montmorency

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Gabrielle de Montmorency
First appearance: "The Mask of Death"
Created by: Ulf Granberg &
Jaime Vallvé

Gabrielle de Montmorency had a love affair with the 1st Phantom and they had a son, René de Montmorency.

Fictional character biography

Gabrielle was a cousin of the king of France, Francis I. The queen had received news of a plot of treason and sent Gabrielle to warn the king. Together with the 1st Phantom she saved the king from being murdered. The Phantom left her in Paris the day after they first met. The Mask of Death

In 1572 the 2nd Phantom received a visitor in The Skull Cave who brought a letter from Gabrielle to the 1st Phantom informing him that their son had been imprisoned in Paris. The Prisoner Who didn't Exist

The 2nd Phantom travelled to Paris in 1572 where he met his stepbrother René and Gabrielle. She later settled down in La Rochelle. The Blood Night


Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Mask of Death" Granberg Vallvé 1542 first appearance
"The First Phantom" Tierres Leppänen 1542 retelling of the above
"The Usurer" Rassy Bade 1542 mentioned
"The Prisoner Who didn't Exist" Tierres Vallvé 1572 mentioned
"The Blood Night" Reimerthi Vallvé 1572 It mainly takes place during the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre, the night to August 24, 1572.