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== Contents ==
== Contents ==
=== Phantom stories ===
Holy cnocise data batman. Lol!
*"Havsmonstret" ("[[Delilah]]") by [[Bill Harris]] and [[Bill Lignante]]
*"Furst Taras tiger" ("[[The Terror Tiger]]") by [[Bill Harris]] and [[Bill Lignante]]
*"Mikrofilmen" ("[[Diana's Deadly Tour]]") by [[Lee Falk]], [[Bill Harris]] and [[Bill Lignante]]
*"Skatten i Bengalibukten" ("[[The Treasure of Bengali Bay]]") by [[Bill Harris]] and [[Bill Lignante]]

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Fantomen Christmas Album 1969
(#26 since the start 1944)
Fantomen Christmas 1969.jpg
Cover artist: Rolf Gohs
Country/language: Mini sweden.gif Sweden / Swedish
Format: 19 x 26 cm
Pages: 36 pgs, b/w/r
Publishing date: 1969
Editor: ?
Publishing company: Åhlen & Åkerlunds Förlags AB
Preceded by: Fantomen Christmas Album 1968
Followed by: Fantomen Christmas Album 1970

Fantomen Christmas Album 1969 is the 26th annual Fantomen Christmas Album.


Holy cnocise data batman. Lol!


From 1965 to 1986 the following year was given on the covers of the Christmas Albums, meaning that this issue has 1970 written on it.