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In the year 2016, a total of 19 issues of Swedish comic book Fantomen was published.


In total, 19 issues were published of which 12 were regular issues of 52 pages and 7 were "double issues". Six "double issues" were 100 pages, and one was 148 pages. The double issues were on sale for four weeks, while the other issues were on sale for two weeks.

One issue added extra pages by including a comics supplement.

The first issue of 2016 was released on December 29, 2015.

2016 was the 80th anniversary year of the Phantom comic strip. Fantomen celebrated this during the year with anniversary reprints of classic stories, remakes of classic covers, anniversary articles, and an 80th anniversary symbol on the front cover of every issue.

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There was significant media reports in Sweden during the year, regarding the Phantom's 80th anniversary, the start of future stories with Kit and Heloise, and Elin Jonsson's win of Best Fantomen cover 2015.

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Henrik Sahlström was the main cover artist of the year, with 12 covers. Other cover artists were the teams Sal Velluto & Eugenio Mattozzi (5 covers), Henrik Jonsson & Brittany Pezzillo (1 cover), and Joan Boix & Brittany Pezzillo (1 cover).

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Phantom, five of the covers were inspired by covers from previous decades.

Cover gallery


Phantom stories

11 new Team Fantomen stories were published during the year, mostly as main stories in regular issues. One of the stories was published as main story in a double issue and of the former standard length 32 pages instead of 22 pages. Two regular issues featured Sunday stories as main stories, and previously unpublished daily stories were used as backup in most double issues. Anniversary reprints were included as stories in all double issues, usually as main stories. Among these were also a short Team Fantomen story from 1983 that had never before been published in Fantomen. The final part of Kings Watch was published as a supplement. One new Phantom Kids story was also published.

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Previously unpublished Team Fantomen stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
1 "The Thief" Reimerthi Saviuk
4 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 4: A Diabolical Plan" Reimerthi Leppänen
5 "Predator's Road" Reimerthi Bade
9 "Snake in Paradise" Reimerthi Spadari
12 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 5: Revolt" Reimerthi Leppänen
13 "Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 6: The King of Louisiana" Reimerthi Leppänen
16 "The 22nd Phantom, Part 1: The Empty Throne" Reimerthi Ryan
17 "Nuclear Terror" Semb Ruiz
20 "The Phantom Cult" Madden Velluto
21 "The 22nd Phantom, Part 2: Baptism of Fire" Reimerthi Saviuk
25-26 "Mystery of the Ivy Crown" Siverbo Boix
25-26 "Bandits in the Gordo Pass" Granberg Lindahl
Phantom Kids
Issue Title Writer Artist
14-15 "The Monster Within Us" Hansegård Bielecki

Previously unpublished newspaper stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
6-7 "The Iceman" DePaul Beatty
6-7 "The Sky Band" Falk Moore
8 "The Battlements of the Nomad" DePaul Beatty
10-11 "The Aeronaut" DePaul Ryan
14-15 "The Scoundrel" DePaul Ryan
14-15 "The Rattle" Falk McCoy
18-19 "Terror's Mutiny" DePaul Ryan
22-23 "John X" DePaul Ryan
22-23 "Patrolman X" DePaul Ryan
24 "Trouble in the Twelve Nations" DePaul Beatty

Previously unpublished Dynamite stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
1 "Kings Watch Part 5" Parker Laming

Previously published Team Fantomen stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
2-3 "Death in the Sky" Granberg Vallvé
10-11 "The Slave's Railway" Worker Lindahl
14-15 "The Disappearance of Prince Rex" Avenell Bade
22-23 "The Plunderers of Kinloch Island" Reimerthi McLeod, Whigham

Previously published newspaper stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
6-7 "The Singh Brotherhood" Falk Moore
10-11 "The Scarlet Sorceress" Falk Moore, McCoy
18-19 "Bullets' Town" Falk Barry
22-23 "The Gibs Brothers" Falk McCoy
25-26 "The Killer" Falk Barry

Other comics

  • "De utvalda" by Nils Lindberg and Gösta Lindwall (issues 2-3 and 18-19)
  • "La Jeunesse de Thorgal" by Yann and Roman Surzhenko (issues 4 and 5)
  • "Kriss de Valnor" by Yves Sente and Giulio De Vita (issues 16 and 17) and
    by Xavier Dorison, Mathieu Mariolle, and Roman Surzhenko (issues 24 and 25-26)
  • "Louve" by Yann and Roman Surzhenko (issues 12 and 13)
  • "Mildh & Fromm" by Göran Semb and Carlos Pedrazzini (issues 20 and 21)
  • "Prasselsork" by Anders Végh Blidlöv (issue 2-3)
  • "Le Scorpion" by Stephen Desberg and Enrico Marini (issues 8 and 9)
  • "Undertaker" by Xavier Dorison and Ralph Meyer (issues 1 and 2-3)


Fantomen 1 included a publishing schedule poster. Two versions were created – one with art by Sy Barry included for subscribers, and one with art by Henrik Jonsson included in the issues sold by retailers. Also included in the same issue was part 5 (the finale) of Kings Watch. Issue 16 included a poster of Best Fantomen cover 2015.

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