A year with Covid-19 has left the Scandinavian Chapter without our usual sources of income. No meetings and no fairs equals zero income for us.

So if you are a Phan of the Phantom and like the service we provide to you and fellow Phans, through this PhantomWiki we therefore, for the first time ask you to donate to the cost of running it.
Due to the massive amount of pictures in here, the web storage costs us over 5 000 SEK per year.

All contributions, big or small, would be appreciated. You can donate easily and secure with the donate button in the left menu.

Current Project

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The Current Project is a collaborative project highlighted on the Main Page.

The project is posted by one of the Administrators based on suggestions from all users. Suggestions for upcoming projects of the month should be posted on the talk page.

Projects can consist of focusing on a single article to improve its standards, or working on a group of related articles.

Previous projects

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