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William Gaetano "Bill" Lignante
Biographical information
Born: March 20, 1925
Died: February 27, 2018
Nationality: Mini usa.gif American
Occupation: Artist, Writer, Cover artist
Website: N/A

William "Bill" Lignante (March 20, 1925 in Brooklyn, New York - February 27, 2018 in Carlsbad, California) was an American illustrator.


Lignante graduated from Pratt Institute, and worked on the newspaper strip "Ozark Ike" in the 1950's.

When Wilson McCoy suddenly passed away in 1961, Lignante was recruited as a temporary fill-in artist until a new artist was found. After that, Lignante became the main artist (and occasional writer) on the Phantom comic book stories produced by King Comics and Gold Key Comics. From 1962 to 1969 he drew over 40 Phantom comic book stories, of which the last was published by Charlton Comics.

For sixteen years he worked as an animator for Hanna-Barbera, and later became well-known in his role as a courtroom artist for ABC Network News. In the 26 years he spent with ABC, he illustrated 55 trials, including those of Sirhan Sirhan, Charlie Manson, and Patty Hearst.

Phantom work by Bill Lignante


Sunday stories

# Title Writer Artist Start End
1 "The Limper" Falk McCoy, Infantino, Lignante 20 Aug 1961 29 Oct 1961
2 "Queen Samaris XII" Falk Lignante 5 Nov 1961 13 May 1962

Gold Key/King/Charlton stories

Gold Key Comics
# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Game" Falk, Harris Lignante
2 "The Rattle" Falk, Harris Lignante
3 "The Test" Falk, Harris Lignante
4 "The Diamond Cup" Falk, Harris Lignante
5 "The Crybaby" Falk, Harris Lignante
6 "Oogooru" Falk, Harris Lignante
7 "The Goggle-Eye Pirates" Falk, Harris Lignante
8 "The Swamp Rats" Falk, Harris Lignante
9 "The Phantom's Boyhood" Falk, Harris Lignante
10 "The Lady from Nowhere" Falk, Harris Lignante
11 "The Phantom's Boyhood: Diana" Falk, Harris Lignante
12 "The Super Apes" Falk, Harris Lignante
13 "The Phantom's Boyhood: School" Falk, Harris Lignante
14 "The Belt" Falk, Harris Lignante
15 "The Sixth Man" Falk, Harris Lignante
16 "The Sleeping Giant" Falk, Harris Lignante
17 "Blind Man's Bluff" Wood Lignante
18 "The Beast of Bengali" Wood Lignante
19 "The Phantom Chronicles" Wood Lignante
20 "The Historian" Falk, Lignante Lignante
21 "Grandpa" Falk, Lignante Lignante
22 "The River Pirates" Falk, Lignante Lignante
23 "The Tournament" Falk, Lignante Lignante
24 "The Chain" Falk, Lignante Lignante
25 "The Crescent Cult" Falk, Lignante Lignante
26 "Samaris" Falk, Lignante Lignante
King Comics
# Title Writer Artist
27 "The Treasure of the Skull Cave" Falk, Wood Lignante
28 "SOS Phantom" ? Lignante
29 "The Astronaut and the Pirates" Falk, Wood Lignante
30 "SOS Phantom: The Pirate Raiders" Wood Lignante
31 "The Masked Emissary" Falk, Wood Lignante
32 "The Magic Ivory Cage" ? Lignante
33 "The Adventures of the Girl Phantom" Wood Lignante
34 "The Invisible Demon" Siegel Lignante
35 "The Girl Phantom" Wood Lignante
36 "The Treasure of Bengali Bay" Harris Lignante
37 "The Terror Tiger" Wood Lignante
38 "The Secret of Magic Mountain" Wood Lignante
39 "Delilah" Wood Lignante
40 "The Riddle of the Witch" Fortunato Lignante
41 "The Lost City of Yiango" Harris Lignante
42 "The Pearl Raiders" Wood Lignante
43 "The Story of Hero" Poole Lignante
44 "Diana's Deadly Tour" Wood Lignante
45 "The Big Fight" Harris Lignante
Charlton Comics
# Title Writer Artist
46 "The Ghost Tribe" Harris Lignante
Additional stories

In addition to the main stories, some short stories of one or two pages were created to serve as introductions to elements of the Phantom myth. Lignante provided the art for nine of these stories, all created during the Gold Key years.

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Origin" Harris Lignante
2 "Rings" Harris Lignante
3 "The Patrol" Harris Lignante
4 "The Champ" ? Lignante
5 "The Milk Drinker" ? Lignante
6 "The Diggers" ? Lignante
7 "The Waterfall" ? Lignante
8 "Diana" ? Lignante
9 "The Bandar" ? Lignante


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