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Bastei stories

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The German publisher Bastei produced 224 original Phantom stories in the 1970s and 1980s. They are, however, unknown by most Phantom fans, since only a handful of stories have ever been reprinted outside Germany, only one story in English.


Bastei's Phantom comics included stories from all available sources: the newspaper strip (daily and Sunday stories), Team Fantomen stories, Gold Key/King/Charlton stories and Fratelli Spada stories. On top of that, Bastei began to produce original stories.

No credits were given for the Bastei stories, but apparently all of them were written by the productive Peter Mennigen. The artwork was provided by artists working for a Spanish studio or agency, possibly Interpubli which was the agency that Bastei's main Phantom cover artist Rafael López Espí worked for at the time, and for Italian studio Giolitti.


Bastei's stories are easy to distinguish from other Phantom stories, not only because of the artwork but also because the Phantom is portrayed in a very different way in these stories. Here, the Phantom is a well-known crimefighter who is often contacted by police and government to assist in crime investigations. The Phantom rarely uses the Mr Walker disguise but his costume causes almost no reactions among the people he meet. The mystique of the Phantom is almost non-existant. Since Bastei's stories were published side-by-side with stories by Lee Falk, Team Fantomen etc., it was set up for confusion among the German Phantom readers.

In chronicle stories, Bastei used their own version of the Phantom lineage which differs significantly from that of any other publisher:

Bastei's version of the Phantom lineage.

When Chronicle stories from Team Fantomen were published in Bastei's comics, the numbering of the Phantoms were often changed to fit into Bastei's Phantom lineage. However, there are even Bastei stories that show historical Phantoms active in years that are inconsistent with the timeline above.

Bastei's chronicle stories departed in many ways from what had been presented in previous stories, even including the origin of the Phantom. Bastei's version of the Phantom's origin was presented in the story "The Secret of the Skull Cave".

It is also worth noting that in most chronicle stories, the ancestors were accompanied by a horse named Hero and a wolf named Devil, just like the 21st Phantom has. This is something that only appears consistently in Bastei stories and cannot be regarded as a mistake.

List of Bastei stories

The Bastei stories were published in three separate publications: The comic magazine Phantom, the pocket series Phantom and the comic book Phantom Spezial.

Phantom magazine stories

# Original title Translated title Writer Artist
1 "Der Testpilot des Teufels" "The Test Pilot of the Devil" Mennigen Puerta
2 "Das Grab der grauen Riesen" "The Grave of the Gray Giants" Mennigen Puerta
3 "In der Falle der Mafia" "In the Trap of Mafia" Mennigen Puerta
4 "Verschollen im Dschungel" "Lost in the Jungle" Mennigen Puerta
5 "Das schmutzige Geschäft" "Dirty Business" Mennigen Espinosa
6 "Die Elfenbein-Banditen" "The Ivory Bandits" Mennigen Puerta
7 "Die Ratten von Kimbasa" "The Rats of Kimbasa" Mennigen Puerta
8 "Der große Zweikampf" "The Great Duel" Mennigen Puerta
9 "Der unheimliche Reiter" "Uncanny Horseman" Mennigen Puerta
10 "Das Geheimnis der Drachenpagode" "The Secret of the Dragon Pagoda" Mennigen Puerta
11 "Die Farm der Geächteten" "Outlaw Farm" Mennigen Puerta
12 "Überfall auf den Nitro-Expreß" "Attack on the Nitro-Express" Mennigen Puerta
13 "Das Geheimnis der Leoparden-Lady" "The Secret of the Leopard Lady" Mennigen Puerta
14 "Die Höhle der Silberschmuggler" "The Cave of Silver Smugglers" Mennigen Puerta
15 "Unternehmen Python" "Operation Python" Mennigen Puerta
16 "Die Diamantenhaie" "The Diamond Sharks" Mennigen Puerta
17 "Die Waffenbande" "Arm Gang" Mennigen Puerta
18 "Heiße Fährte nach Soho" "Hot Track to Soho" Mennigen Puerta
19 "Alarm im Dschungel" "Alarm in the Jungle" Mennigen Puerta
20 "Die weiße Göttin" "The White Goddess" Mennigen Puerta
21 "Das Vermächtnis der Hattai" "The Legacy of the Hattai" Mennigen Puerta
22 "Die verschollene Lady" "The Vanishing Lady" Mennigen Puerta
23 "Der Tod der Baumriesen" "Death of the Giant Trees" Mennigen Puerta
24 "Jagd auf die Dynamit-Bande" "The Hunt for the Dynamite Gang" Mennigen Puerta
25 "Die Giftmischer von Morristown" "The Poison Makers from Morristown" Mennigen Triay
26 "Alarm am Wambesi-Damm" "Alarm at the Wambesi Dam" Mennigen Puerta
27 "Alarm am Fieberfluß" "Alarm at the Fever River" Mennigen Triay
28 "Der Fluch der funkelnden Steine" "The Curse of the Sparkling Stones" Mennigen Puerta
29 "Das Geheimnis der Totenkopfhöhle" "The Secret of the Skull Cave" Mennigen Puerta
30 "Die Dschungel-Prinzessin" "The Jungle Princess" Mennigen Triay
31 "Aufruhr im Regenwald" "Rebellion in the Rain Forest" Mennigen Padros
32 "Die Elfenbein-Banditen" "The Ivory Bandits" Mennigen Puerta
33 "Opfer im Morgengrauen" "The Victims at Dawn" Mennigen Padros
34 "Der Tyrann aus dem Morgenland" "The Tyrant from the Orient" Mennigen Puerta
35 "Die Insel der Götzendiener" "The Island of the Idolaters" Mennigen Triay
36 "Die Piratenfestung" "The Pirate Fortress" Mennigen Padros
37 "Das Geheimnis des großen Donners" "The Secret of Great Thunder" Mennigen Puerta
38 "Im Vulkan der Opfergöttin" "In the Volcano of the Sacrifice Goddess" Mennigen Triay
39 "Das schmutzige Geschäft" "Dirty Business" Mennigen Puerta
40 "Im Palast der Waffen-Schmuggler" "In the Palace of the Arms Smugglers" Mennigen Puerta
41 "Die Diener des weißen Zauberers" "Servants of the White Wizard" Mennigen Puerta
42 "Notruf aus der Schreckensburg" "Emergency Call Out of the Horror Castle" Mennigen Triay
43 "Der Fluch der verschollenen Stadt" "The Curse of the Lost City" Mennigen Triay
44 "Aufruhr im Land der Chagga" "Rebellion in Chagga Land" Mennigen Triay
45 "Schmutziges Geschäft" "Dirty Business" Mennigen Padros
46 "Der Wolfsmensch" "The Wolfman" Mennigen Padros
47 "Alarm in der Haifischbucht" "Alarm in the Shark Bay" Mennigen Triay
48 "Der geheimnisvolle Schatz" "The Mysterious Treasure" Mennigen Triay
49 "Der Dämon der schwimmenden Inseln" "The Demon of the Floating Islands" Mennigen Padros
50 "Der Hexenmeister der Sambos" "The Wizard of Sambos" Mennigen Serra
51 "Die Nacht des großen Zauberers" "The Night of the Great Magician" Mennigen Mallol
52 "Heiße Waffen für Bangalla" "Hot Weapons for Bangalla" Mennigen Padros
53 "Die Schmuggler vom Fieberfluß" "The Smugglers of the Fever River" Mennigen Padros
54 "Alarm im Busch" "Alarm in the Bush" Mennigen Subirana
55 "Der Schreckenssultan" "The Terror Sultan" Mennigen Padros
56 "Der unheimliche Schatz" "The Scary Treasure" Mennigen Padros
57 "Das Geheimnis der weißen Zauberer" "The Secret of the White Magicians" Mennigen Subirana
58 "Der Fluch des funkelnden Götzen" "The Curse of Sparkling Idol" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
59 "Der rätselhafte Schatz" "The Puzzling Treasure" Mennigen Padros
60 "Das Rätsel der goldenen Statuen" "The Mystery of the Golden Statue" Mennigen Puchades
61 "Die Wüstenräuber" "The Desert Robbers" Mennigen Chacopino
62 "Der Killer-Leopard" "The Killer Leopard" Mennigen ?
63 "Im Dorf der Fieberträume" "The Village of Feverish Dreams" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
64 "Der Moloch vom Teufelsriff" "The Juggernaut of Devil's Reef" Mennigen Subirana
65 "Der Vulkan der Opferkrieger" "The Volcano of the Victim Warriors" Mennigen Subirana
66 "Gefahr für den Jadetempel" "The Jade Temple in Danger" Mennigen Bellés
67 "Das geheimnisvolle Zeichen" "The Mysterious Sign" Mennigen Chacopino
68 "Der verbotene Tempel" "The Forbidden Temple" Mennigen Chacopino
69 "Heißer Weg nach Mekka" "The Furious Way to Mekka" Mennigen ?
70 "Der Maskenmann von Kalula" "The Masked Man of Kalula" Mennigen Subirana
71 "Das Attentat der Zamba-Bande" "The Assassination Attempt of the Zamba Gang" Mennigen Triay
72 "Der letzte Coup der Dschungelbande" "The Last Coup of the Jungle Gang" Mennigen Triay
73 "Das Geheimnis der Verschollenen" "The Secret of the Missing People" Mennigen Padros
74 "Der vergessenen Schatz" "The Forgotten Treasure" Mennigen Chacopino
75 "Der Fluch des heiligen Elefanten" "The Curse of the Sacred Elephant" Mennigen Triay
76 "Das letzte Spiel der Zirkus-Bande" "The Last Game of the Circus Gang" Mennigen Subirana
77 "Die Sklavenkarawane" "The Slave Caravan" Mennigen ?
78 "Der Schatz der grünen Hölle" "The Treasure of the Green Hell" Mennigen Subirana
79 "Das Geheimnis der Götzenstatue" "The Secret of the Idol Statue" Mennigen Triay
80 "Der Fluch der verbotenen Insel" "The Curse of the Forbidden Island" Mennigen Sanchez
81 "Alarm im Dschungel" "Alarm in the Jungle" Mennigen Chacopino
82 "Das Teufelsriff" "The Devil's Reef" Mennigen Subirana
83 "Die Gefangene des Wüstenprinzen" "The Prisoners of the Desert Prince" Mennigen Tafalla
84 "Die Fieberblumen" "The Fever Flowers" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
85 "Der geheimnisvolle Regenmacher" "The Mysterious Rainmaker" Mennigen Padros
86 "Der Fluch der goldenen Amulette" "The Curse of the Golden Amulet" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
87 "Das schmutzige Geschäft" "Dirty Business" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
88 "Die Erpresser von Paris" "The Blackmailers of Paris" Mennigen Tafalla
89 "Der Schatz des wandelnden Geistes" "The Treasure of the Ghost Who Walks" Mennigen Tafalla
90 "Eine Rechnung geht nicht auf" "A Sum Doesn't Work" Mennigen Tafalla
91 "Gefahr aus den Wolken" "Danger out of the Clouds" Mennigen Triay
92 "Im Sumpf des Verderbens" "In the Swamp of Perdition" Mennigen Triay
93 "Die Falle im Dschungel" "The Trap in the Jungle" Frommer, Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
94 "Die Piraten der Teufelsbucht" "The Pirates of Devil's Bay" Mennigen Subirana
95 "Die Todeskralle" "The Deadly Claw" Mennigen Tafalla
96 "Der Doppelgänger" "The Doppelganger" Mennigen Tafalla
97 "Das Gespenst von Paris" "The Ghost of Paris" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
98 "Der Tempel des Verderbens" "The Temple of Doom" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
99 "Der Bruderkampf" "The Fratricidal Fight" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
100 "Der Gefangene" "The Prisoner" Mennigen Tafalla
101 "Der unheimliche Fremde" "The Sinister Stranger" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
102 "Der Zwillingsbruder" "The Twin Brother" Mennigen Tafalla
103 "Die Bergkrieger" "The Mountain Warriors" Mennigen Tafalla
104 "Die Falle am Highway" "The Trap on Highway" Mennigen Tafalla
105 "Die Göttin des Todesvulkans" "The Volcano of the Death Goddess" Mennigen Tafalla
106 "Der Piratenfreund" "The Pirate Friend" Mennigen Tafalla
107 "Die Opiumbande" "The Opium Gang" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
108 "Der Racheschwur" "The Oath of Vengeance" Mennigen Tafalla
109 "Die Marsmenschen" "The Martians" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
110 "Der Hexer von Manhattan" "The Wizard of Manhattan" Mennigen Tafalla
111 "Schwarzer Tag für Diamantenhaie" "Black Day for Diamond Sharks" Mennigen Tafalla
112 "Der Gefangene des Teufels-Grafen" "The Prisoner of the Devil Count" Mennigen Tafalla
113 "Die Gefangene der Fieberhölle" "The Prisoner of the Fever Hell" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
114 "Die Killer von Morristown" "The Killers from Morristown" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet

Phantom pocket stories

First series

# Original title Translated title Writer Artist
1 "Der Dschungelgeist schlägt zu" "The Jungle Ghost Strikes" Mennigen ?
2 "Der geheimnisvolle Reiter" "The Mysterious Rider" Mennigen ?
3 "Flug in die Hölle" "Flight to Hell" Mennigen ?
4 "Der Feuergeist" "The Fire Ghost" Mennigen ?
5 "Sabotage am Kyoga-See" "Sabotage at Kyoga Lake" Mennigen ?
6 "Das Geheimnis der alten Mine" "The Mystery of the Old Mine" Mennigen ?
7 "Die U-Boot-Banditen" "The Submarine Bandits" Mennigen ?
8 "Wetterleuchten über Bangalla" "Sheet Lightnings above Bangalla" Mennigen ?
9 "Heiße Spur nach Kairo" "A Hot Lead to Cairo" Mennigen ?
10 "Verschollen im Großstadt-Dschungel" "Lost in the Urban Jungle" Mennigen ?

Second series

# Original title Translated title Writer Artist
1 "Der Mafiapalast" "Mafia Palace" Mennigen ?
2 "Alarm im Dschungel" "Alarm in the Jungle" Mennigen ?
3 "Der falsche Medizinmann" "The False Witch Doctor" Mennigen ?
4 "Verrat an Bord" "Betrayal on Board" Mennigen ?
5 "Alarm im Dschungel" "Alarm in the Jungle" Mennigen ?
6 "Das Geheimnis der vergessenen Farm" "The Secret of the Forgotten Farm" Mennigen ?
7 "In der Falle der Spione" "In the Trap of the Spies" Mennigen ?
8 "Die Diamanten-Schmuggler von Bangalla" "The Diamond Smugglers of Bangalla" Mennigen ?
9 "Die Hyänen der Savanne" "The Hyenas of the Savannah" Mennigen ?
10 "Die Lagune der Verräter" "The Lagoon of the Traitors" Mennigen ?
11 "Die Gefangenen der grünen Hölle" "The Prisoners of the Green Hell" Mennigen ?
12 "Alarm in der Savanne" "Alarm in Savanna" Mennigen ?
13 "Gefahr für Bangalla" "Danger for Bangalla" Mennigen ?
14 "Im Bann des schwarzen Magiers" "In the Power of the Black Magician" Mennigen ?
15 "Das Geheimnis der Ohura-Sekte" "The Secret of Ohura-Sect" Mennigen ?
16 "Der Hengst von Bangalla" "Bangalla Stallion" Mennigen ?
17 "Die Gefangenen der Sklaveninsel" "The Prisoners of Slave Island" Mennigen ?
18 "Aufstand am Schlangenfluß" "Revolution on Snake River" Mennigen ?
19 "Der Goldschatz im Sambala" "The Gold Treasure in Sambala" Mennigen ?
20 "Die Insel des bösen Herrschers" "The Island of the Evil Ruler" Mennigen ?
21 "Die Bestie der grünen Hölle" "The Beast of the Green Hell" Mennigen ?
22 "Das Geheimnis der Dschungel-Höhle" "The Mystery of the Jungle Cave" Mennigen ?
23 "Die Herren der Teufelsmine" "The Masters of Devil Mine" Mennigen ?
24 "Die Insel der Erpresser" "The Island of Kidnappers" Mennigen ?
25 "Die Wächter der Sklavenvilla" "Wardens of the Slave Villa" Mennigen ?
26 "Der Fluch des Zauberpriesters" "The Curse of the Magic Priest" Mennigen ?
27 "Rebellion der Teufelsinsel" "Rebellion on Devil's Island" Mennigen ?
28 "Die Zauberwaffe der Wilderer" "The Poachers Magic Weapon" Mennigen ?
29 "Der Schlangen-Turm" "The Snake Tower" Mennigen ?
30 "Die Piraten der Teufelslagune" "The Pirates of the Devil's Lagoon" Mennigen ?
31 "Die Gefangene der grünen Hölle" "The Prisoner of the Green Hell" Mennigen ?
32 "Die Wächter der Schatzhöhle" "The Guardians of the Treasure Cave" Mennigen ?
33 "Die Wüstenteufel" "The Desert Devils" Mennigen ?
34 "Im Banne des Sklavenhändlers" "In the Spell of the Slave Trader" Mennigen ?
35 "Schüsse in der Fieberhölle" "Shots in the Fever Hell" Mennigen ?
36 "Im Versteck der Schatzräuber" "In the Treasure Robbers Hideout" Mennigen ?
37 "Die Bestie des Zauberdschungels" "The Beasts of the Magic Jungle" Mennigen ?
38 "Die Tochter des Gangsterchefs" "The Gang Boss's Daughter" Mennigen ?
39 "Die Schreckens-Safari" "The Terrified Safari" Mennigen ?
40 "Die Haie von New York" "The New York Sharks" Mennigen ?
41 "Palast der Sklaven" "The Palace of Slaves" Mennigen ?
42 "Die Söldner des Teufels" "The Devils Mercenaries" Mennigen ?
43 "Die Dschungel-Dämonen" "The Jungle Demons" Mennigen ?
44 "Ein Herzensbrecher mit Pistole" "A Heartbreaker with Pistol" Mennigen ?
45 "Der teuflische Doppelgänger" "The Evil Double" Mennigen ?
46 "Die Henker des gelben Flusses" "The Hangman of the Yellow River" Mennigen ?
47 "Die Mulatten-Bande" "The Halfbreed Gang" Mennigen ?
48 "Spuk auf der Teufelsinsel" "Haunting on Devil's Island" Mennigen ?
49 "Das Gangster-Schloß" "The Gangster Palace" Mennigen ?
50 "Die Diamanten-Haie" "The Diamond Sharks" Mennigen ?
51 "Aufstand hinter Gitter" "Revolution Behind Bars" Mennigen ?

Phantom Spezial stories

# Original title Translated title Writer Artist
1 "Die Dschungelpiraten" "The Jungle Pirates" Mennigen Padros
2 "Die Verschwörung von Hongkong" "The Hong Kong Conspiracy" Mennigen Padros
3 "Das Geheimnis der Bohrinsel" "The Secret of the Drilling Rig" Mennigen Triay
4 "Alarm in Basis TX11" "Alarm in Base TX11" Mennigen Morales (?)
5 "Die Fälscher aus dem Spielcasino" "The Forger at the Gambling Casino" Mennigen Padros
6 "Die Teufelsmine" "The Devil's Mine" Mennigen Cecchetto
7 "Der Gefangene des großen Xanadu" "The Prisoner of the Great Xanadu" Mennigen Padros
8 "Heiße Nacht in Marrakesch" "Hot Night in Marrakech" Mennigen Triay
9 "Der Dämon aus dem Regenwald" "The Demon of the Rain Forest" Mennigen Padros
10 "Die Seeteufel von Bangala" "The Sea Devils from Bangalla" Mennigen Morales
11 "Die Schatzräuber von Mexico" "The Treasure Raiders of Mexico" Mennigen Padros
12 "Die Falle in der Unterwelt" "The Trap in the Underworld" Mennigen ?
13 "Im Hinterhalt der Judo-Katzen" "The Ambush of the Judo Cats" Mennigen Morales
14 "Das weiße Gold der Watussi" "The White Gold of the Watussi" Mennigen Triay
15 "Der Dämon aus der grünen Hölle" "The Demon from the Green Hell" Mennigen Padros
16 "Notruf aus dem Dschungeltempel" "Cry for Help from the Jungle Temple" Mennigen Serra
17 "Das Geheimlabor" "The Secret Lab" Mennigen Padros
18 "Der Schmugglerkönig" "The Smuggler King" Mennigen Morales
19 "Die Diamantenbande von Bangalla" "The Diamond Gang from Bangalla" Mennigen Triay
20 "Die Gefangene der Mafia" "The Prisoner of the Mafia" Mennigen Padros
21 "Die Menschenjäger der Sahara" "The Manhunters of the Sahara" Mennigen Morales
22 "Die Falle des falschen Zauberers" "The Case of the False Sorcerer" Mennigen Triay
23 "Die Gefangenen der Teufelsinsel" "The Prisoners of the Devil's Island" Mennigen Serra
24 "Der Dämon des gelben Meeres" "The Demon of the Yellow Sea" Mennigen Triay
25 "Die Bestie aus den Fiebersümpfen" "The Beast from the Fever Swamps" Mennigen Triay
26 "Die Geier aus dem Regenwald" "The Vultures of the Rain Forest" Mennigen Di Vitto
27 "Gold der grünen Hölle" "Gold of the Green Hell" Mennigen Triay
28 "Die Herrin der Geistersümpfe" "The Mistress of the Ghost Swamps" Mennigen Serra
29 "Abrechung am Ovamda-Pass" "Payback at the Ovamda Pass" Mennigen Triay
30 "Im Bann der weißen Göttin" "The Curse of the White Goddess" Mennigen Todaro
31 "Die Bestie von Bangalla" "The Beast from Bangalla" Mennigen Subirana
32 "Die Lagune der Schatzjäger" "The Lagoon of the Treasure Hunters" Mennigen Chacopino
33 "Die Wächter des verschwundenen Totems" "The Guardians of the Lost Totem" Mennigen ?
34 "Das Urteil des schwarzen Zauberers" "The Judgment of the Black Sorcerer" Mennigen Chacopino
35 "Die Herrin des Geisterfelsens" "The Mistress of the Spirit Rock" Mennigen Serra
36 "Die Falle des Dämonenkriegers" "The Trap of the Demon Warrior" Mennigen ?
37 "Die Flußpiraten von Sambesi" "The River Pirates of Sambesi" Mennigen Tafalla
38 "Die Sklavenjäger von Bangalla" "The Slave Hunters from Bangalla" Mennigen Subirana
39 "Die Nacht des lautlosen Jägers" "The Night of the Silent Hunter" Mennigen ?
40 "Der Tempel des ewigen Schweigens" "The Temple of Eternal Silence" Mennigen ?
41 "Der Herr des Dämonendschungels" "The Master of the Demon Jungle" Mennigen Chacopino
42 "Die Geier der Luft" "The Vultures of the Air" Mennigen Chacopino
43 "Die Buschteufel von Bomba" "The Bush Demons from Bomba" Mennigen Marcet Aparicio, Ángel Marcet
44 "Überfall am Geisterfluß" "Ambush on the Ghost River" Mennigen Subirana
45 "Die Gefangene der Fieberhölle" "The Prisoner of the Fever Hell" Mennigen Padros
46 "Die Feuerteufel" "The Arsonists" Mennigen Chacopino
47 "Die Häscher des Kalifen" "The Bloodhounds of the Caliph" Mennigen Chacopino
48 "Der Dämonenberg" "The Demon Mountain" Mennigen ?
49 "Die Piraten-Festung" "The Pirate Fortress" Mennigen Triay

Unpublished stories

# Original title Translated title Writer Artist
1 "Die Sklaven" "The Slaves" Mennigen Tafalla

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