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Aventures was a French popular weekly magazine edited by the Parisian "La Librairie Moderne" (which quickly became Editions S.A.G.E).

It was the first publication having featured Phantom strips in France (with story "The Sky Band" from March to August 1937 / At the time, French readers have still to wait almost one more year to discover the previous original story "The Singh Brotherhood" which was finally released into another Sage publication, namely issue #1 of the series "Aventures et Mystère").

Released in a large format (28 x 38 cm) and with attractive colored front pages (some of them composed by the Phantom strips), the magazine presented many French and American comics such as, for the latter category, "Tim Tyler's Luck", "Red Ryder","Buck Rogers", "Secret Agent X-9", and, of course, "The Phantom". A new numbering started every year.


"Aventures" was published from 1936 to 1940, in a first period (pre-war era / 260 issues), and from 1949 to 1950, in a second period (post-war series / 96 issues / this one mentioning P.E.I. as publisher name but being just a subdivision of Editions S.A.G.E ).

During the war, it continued to be released from Lyon in the South part of France (then called the "Free Zone") - but without any distribution in the North occupied by the German troops - and was finally incorporated into another popular comics magazine previously called "Jumbo" - receiving then the global title ""Jumbo et Aventures réunis" (= "Jumbo and Aventures together") however with no Phantom stories in this latter - before its own relaunch .

Issue overview (Phantom stories only)

First series (pre-war era)

Original story title Start issue End issue Comment
"The Sky Band" 11/1937 32/1937
"War in the Jungle" 33/1937 52/1937
"Little Toma" 1/1938 22/1938
"The Prisoner of the Himalayas" 23/1938 41/1938
"Adventure in Algiers" & "The Shark's Nest" 42/1938 9/1939
"Fishers of Pearls" 10/1939 21/1939
"The Slave Traders" 22/1939 34/1939
"The Mysterious Girl" 35/1939 52/1939
"The Golden Circle" 1/1940 20/1940
"The Sea Horse" 21/1940 26/1941 part from 24/1940 to 26/1941 was only published in the then called "Free Zone"
"The Game of Alvar" 27/1941 40/1941 only published in the then called "Free Zone"

Second series (post-war era)

Original story title Start issue End issue Comment
"The Singh Brotherhood" 13/1950 30/1950 incomplete