Adventure in Algiers

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Adventure in Algiers
Adventure in Algiers.jpg
Start date: June 20th, 1938
End date: July 23rd, 1938
# of strips: 30 (5 weeks)
Writer: Lee Falk
Artist: Ray Moore
Original colorist: N/A
Preceded by: "The Prisoner of
the Himalayas
Followed by: "The Shark's Nest"

"Adventure in Algiers" is the sixth Phantom daily story. The story was written by Lee Falk and drawn by Ray Moore.

Plot Summary

The Phantom sends a telegram to Diana informing her of a date when he will arrive att Marseille by boat. When they make a temporary hold at Algiers, the Phantom takes a walk with Devil. He then suddenly is confronted with a woman screaming for help from a window. Immediately he takes the stairs and knocks at the door to the flat of which the woman screaming were in. There, he discovers that everything was just a fraud to lure stupid tourist into an ambush to rob them. The Phantom quickly starts beating them down, but then, he hear the signal from his ship; it is about to depart from Algiers! He immediately leave the would-be robbers and starts running for the ship. The robbers, not realizing whom they have ambushed, then tries to stop him. He then reveal himself as the Phantom while fighting them and they are terrified. He then teaches the woman a lesson for acting as bait.

Suddenly he realizes that he has forgotten the ship and starts running, but it is too late; the ship has gone and the motor boat which he quickly hires to be taken to the ship runs out of fuel. He then sends a telegram to Diana to explain that he will be four days late.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Diana has great difficulties in persuading her mother that the Phantom is the right man for her. When the Phantom's telegram arrives to their house, Diana's mother quickly takes care of it, in order to destroy her daughter's relationship with the Phantom. Diana takes it very hard that the Phantom is not aboard the ship that he has written that he shall, though she convinces herself that something must have happened.

Diana's mother then makes her next move in that she makes her doctor telling Diana that she is ill and have to go back to the states. Diana writes a letter, explaining everything to the Phantom, however, her mother finds it and destroys it before making a new letter in which Diana ends their relationship.

When the Phantom finally arrives at Paris, he discovers the letter and has his heart crushed. Everywhere he look, he sees couples in love.

In the states, Diana's mother turns out to be of extremely good health and Diana is finally told the entire story of the telegram and the letter. She immediately send a telegram to an address in Paris of whom the Phantom has told her, the telegram arrives too late, however; the Phantom has already left for the jungle.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Zagra
  • Dr. Ned



Behind the scenes

  • For the second time, the Phantom is seen traveling in Cabin 14.
  • This story marks the first appearance of the classic Phantom introduction, retelling the story of how the first Phantom came to swear the Oath of the Skull. Unlike the Phantom's long retelling of the same event in "The Singh Brotherhood", this time he is said to be washed up on the shore of an Indian jungle.
  • Diana and her mother still stay at (the real-life) Hotel George III, where they also lived at in "The Prisoner of the Himalayas".
  • Mrs. Palmer's good friend Dr. Ned appear for the first and only time in the story, playing pretty much the same role that her brother Dave would come to play, starting a few years later.
  • Diana tells her mother that she will marry the Phantom.
  • Along with "The Wisdom of Solomon" this was the second shortest Phantom daily story ever published until Kit's Letter Home.

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