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Wanderley Mayhé

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Wanderley Mayhé
Biographical information
Born: November 10, 1953
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini brazil.gif Brazilian
Occupation: Artist, Cover artist
Website: Wanderley Mayhé's Official Site

Wanderley Mayhé (better known as Wanderley) is a Brazilian designer, inker, and illustrator.


Wanderley Mayhé was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1953, is a Brazilian designer, inker and illustrator.

Wanderley began his career as an illustrator, between the late 70s and early 80s. Wanderley Mayhé was part of a brazilian publishing company known as RGE - Rio Gráfica Editora (today Editora Globo), where he attended the Brazilian team for covers production and retouch foreign comics like "the Phantom", "Mandrake the Magician", "Beetle Bailey", "Richie Rich", "Little Lotta", "Little Audrey", "Casper", "Texas Ranger", among others, often focusing on publications for children and teenagers.

During this early career at RGE company, Wanderley Mayhé had contact with qualified Brazilian illustrators like Walmir Amaral, Antonino Homobono Balieiro, Evaldo Oliveira, Primaggio Mantovi, and José Menezes.

In the 1990's and 2000's Wanderley worked at Advertising Agency from Rio de Janeiro city at Tijuca neighborhood, performing works of different styles such as watercoloring, airbrushing, inking, storyboard for several ads for newspapers and magazines.

At that time RGE was bought by Editora Globo and Wanderley served as a contributor, illustrating and coloring several comic books as "Popeye" and "El Chavo" (famous Mexican series displayed on Brazilian TV).

In early 2000 Wanderley illustrated special editions for Brazilian puzzle and crossword magazines.

Wanderley currently works as a freelancer and collaborator on several projects of educational children books.

Phantom work by Wanderley Mayhé


RGE stories

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# Title Writer Artist
1 "Operation Brasil" Menezes Walmir Amaral, Mayhé ¤
2 "Revolt in the Jungle" Menezes Walmir Amaral, Menezes, Mayhé ¤
3 "Rebellion in Jorania" Menezes Walmir Amaral, Mayhé ¤
4 "Contraband from the Sky" Menezes Walmir Amaral, Sardella, Mayhé ¤
5 "Crime at the Race Track" Menezes Walmir Amaral, Sardella, Mayhé ¤
6 "The Ghost Ship" Menezes Walmir Amaral, Mayhé, Da Silva ¤
7 "The Pursuit to Knowledge" ? Mayhé ¤


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