Walker's Table

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Walker's Table
Walker's Table.jpg
First appearance: "The Hydra"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

Walker's Table is the oldest hiding place of the Phantom, being discovered by the first Phantom's father, but formally coming into ownership during the 2nd Phantom. It is a mesa with a cave on top of it. It is also referred to as the Phantom's eyrie.


Walker's Table is located in present-day USA, close enough to the southern border to see the river that is making up the border to Mexico.


Walker's Table was discovered by the 1st Phantom's father and his friend Caribo in the 1499. Walker's Table The Return of the Locust They told the future first Phantom about it and he in turn told his son who finally managed to find the location. One of the ancestors, most likely the 2nd Phantom, managed to get ownership of it from a European king.


Walker's Table has a cave house on top of it with modern facilities, making it look like an ordinary flat from the inside, it also has an elevator shaft, that originally merely was used to bring up water from a well, but since the outside elevator was destroyed nowadays is used as the regular elevator.

Notable appearances

Daily & Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Hydra" Falk Barry
"The Art Thieves" Falk Barry
"Walker's Table" Falk Barry
"The Smugglers" Falk Barry
"The Massacre" Falk Barry
"Massacre at Walker's Table" Falk Barry
"The Lookout" Falk Olesen, Fredericks

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Gold of the Incas" Norman Worker Jaime Vallvé
"Mojados" Tierres Cruz
"Land of the Totems" DePaul Felmang, Ferri, Morrik
"Shipwrecked" Worker Cruz