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First appearance: "?"
"Jungle King" (first time named)
Created by: Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy

Toma is native stable keeper who looks after Hero when the Phantom leaves the jungle.

Fictional character biography

According to the newspaper strip

When The Jungle Patrol leaves a message in the safe, a light flashes in Toma's hut and Toma sends a jungle drum message to The Phantom. The Bad Ones

Toma helped the Phantom to defeat the gang known as "The Bad Ones". The Bad Ones

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According to Team Fantomen

Toma's father is Ramos. The Messengers of the Jungle

Toma's uncle Obowe runs Obowe's safaris, with an office in Morristown. Grigor's Revenge


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Daily & Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Jungle King" Falk McCoy first time named, as Toma
"The White Monkey" Falk McCoy
"The Tiger Girl" Falk McCoy
"The Wisdom of Solomon" Falk McCoy as Tomas
"Danglor, International Bank Thief" Falk McCoy as Tomas
"The Scorpia" Falk McCoy unnamed
"The Reef" Falk Barry
"The Bad Ones" Falk Barry as Tona
"The Satchel" Falk Barry
"The Rogue Elephant" Falk Barry
"The Mission" Falk Barry as Roma
"Yes" Falk Barry as Tora
"The Mysterious Passenger" Falk Barry unnamed
"The Keeper of the Peace" Falk Barry
"The Things" Falk Barry
"The Normal Life" Falk Barry
"Star of Bangalla" Falk Barry unnamed
"Zabadabah" Falk Barry
"Chasamba" Falk Barry as Tomas
"Return of the Thuggees" Falk Barry as Tomas
"The Man-Thing" Falk Barry as Tomma

Team Fantomen stories

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Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Rocket Mystery" Wilhelmsson Wilhelmsson as Tona
"The Treasure Seeker" Eralp Eralp
"The Jungle King" Falk Eralp
"The Coup in Volara" Falk Eralp
"Return of the Ghost" Lundström Vallvé
"The Man with the White Mask" Lundström Vallvé
"The Secret of the Statues" Lundström Eralp
"The Blood Gold" Eklund Bade
"The City of Horror" Bull Wilhelmsson, Eralp
"Secret of the Arctic" Bull Bess
"The Gold Mystery" Lundström Bade
"The Messengers of the Jungle" Worker Bess
"The Bikie Gang" Avenell Bess
"Commando 11" Darell Bess
"The Beanstalk" Avenell Lindahl
"Power of the Apes" Worker Spadari
"The Drug Farm" Avenell Cruz
"The Death Dealers" Avenell Cruz
"The Reptile Queen" Worker Felmang, Waldrag
"The Bird Man of Bengali" Goodall Cruz
"City of the Skull-Marked Men" Goodall Spadari
"The New Pupil" Reimerthi Boix
"The Medicine Man's Daughter" Semb Spadari as Tomba

RGE stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Kidnapping of Guran" unknown RGE team
"The Invaders of the Deep Woods" Barrocas Walmir Amaral, Sardella
"The Secret of Kilamo Island" Almeida Almeida