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Times Graphics Singapore is a supplier of graphic material for publishing. They are part of the Times Publishing Group Singapore and specialized in typesetting and paste-up work in pre-digital newspaper production.

In 1991, the Fantomen magazine shifted from black/white to color printing. Semic Press was working with TGS as suppliers of graphic material for their non-comics magazines, and extended the deal to include coloring of the comics in Fantomen. However, TGS had never colored anything before and had no staff qualified for the assignment. Eventually they found an art professor in Malaysia who took on the job, along with his assistants. The early stories colored by TGS were in line with Malaysian aesthetics and used a lot of pink, orange and violet hues. Buildings etc. were also colored to look like Malaysia, regardless of where the stories actually took place.1

Eventually TGS were replaced by Reprostugan as colorists.


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