Tiberius Chessman

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Tiberius Chessman
Tiberius Chessman.jpg
First appearance: "The Ghost Who Walks"
Created by: Peter David, Joe Orlando &
Dennis Janke

Tiberius Chessman was one of three brothers, the others being Jeremy Chessman & Samuel Chessman. He was the leader of a group of pirates who called themselves The Chessmen. They managed to capture the 13th Phantom and looked upon his unmasked face before stealing both his Skull and Good Mark rings. They then sold him into Slavery. The 13th Phantom eventually tracked The Chessmen down and Tiberius was killed after fighting The 13th Phantom on top of Phantom Head Peak. After stabbing The 13th Phantom, he was grabbed by The 13th Phantom and in the process they both fell from the top of the peak killing both of them upon landing on the ground below.


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DC stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Ghost Who Walks" David Orlando, Janke
2 "Across the Great Divide" David Orlando, Janke
3 "In Over Their Heads" David Orlando, Janke
4 "The Phantom Strikes Back" David Orlando, Janke