The World of the Phantom

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The World of the Phantom is a series of short Phantom stories (1-6 pages), mostly created by writers and artists with no previous experience working on The Phantom. The series began in 2014.

While clearly set in the same continuity as the regular Team Fantomen stories, the Phantom himself is only rarely seen, and the stories focus on either familiar secondary characters like Guran, Kit and Heloise, or Hzz, or original characters.

Originally lacking any overall title, in Fantomen 22-23/2015 these stories were collectively refered to as "Fantomens värld" ("The World of the Phantom").

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Heloise on an Adventure" Sonne Andersson
2 "Hzz Takes a Walk" Johnsson Johnsson ¤
3 "Dangerous Waters" Sonne Andersson
4 "Mysterious Fog" Sonne Andersson
5 "Stolen Cargo" Sonne Andersson ¤
6 "Kit and the Panther Queen" Johnsson Johnsson
7 "Whoever Digs a Pit..." Sonne Jonsson
8 "Alone Is..." Krantz Krantz ¤
9 "The Man in the Darkness" Sonne Jonsson ¤
10 "At the End of the Desert" Sonne Crescenzi ¤
11 "On Jungle Patrol" Sonne Crescenzi ¤
12 "A homage to Ray Moore" Sonne Sonne ¤
13 "An Evening in Morristown" Wallin Wallin ¤
14 "The Dragon's Treasure" Sonne Végh Blidlöv ¤
15 "Heloise - Horror of the Underground Clubs" Sonne Andersson ¤
16 "Primitive Lives" Sonne Sonne ¤
17 "A Helping Hand" Sonne Sonne ¤
18 "A Night in the Jungle" Sonne Sonne ¤
19 Habinc Ordon ¤
20 "Mopsy's Story" Sonne Sonne ¤