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The Return of Colonel Weeks

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The Return of Colonel Weeks
The Return of Colonel Weeks.jpg
Start date: September 26th, 2010
End date: March 20th, 2011
# of strips: 26 pages
Writer: Tony DePaul
Artist: Paul Ryan
Original colorist: Tom Smith
Preceded by: "The Dirty Half-Dozen"
Followed by: "The Nomad"

"The Return of Colonel Weeks" is the 173rd Phantom Sunday story. The story was written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Paul Ryan.

Plot synopsis

Captain Weeks, grandson of Colonel Weeks is badly wounded when he interferes in a kidnapping. Colonel Worubu contacts retired Colonel Weeks and tells him about what happened. While they wait in the hospital for news about Captain Weeks condition, Colonel Weeks explains to Worubu why he retired so quickly; he had been diagnosed with a deadly disease and only had days left before he would die. Then a jungle man (Guran) had turned up and saved him through jungle medicine.

Having explained about his sudden departure as deputy head of the Jungle Patrol, Weeks – and Worubu – start speculating about the identity of the unknown commander, but arrive at nothing conclusive, Weeks, though, is envious of Worubu for actually having met him The Jungle Patrol v The Drug Cartel and being in the thick of the battle.

Weeks then goes to buy coffee at a coffee machine, but he is not alone in the room, the unknown commander is also there in his uniform. Startled, Weeks shakes his hand. An hour later Worubu starts wondering where Weeks has gone, he finds him in the room with the coffee machine.

Weeks tells Worubu that he has met the Unknown Commander, but is met with disbelief. Then a nurse comes and tells Worubu that his commander is with captain Weeks. At Worubu's question, she explains that she identified him as the commander since he had a Jungle Patrol uniform and had it saying "commander" at his cap. Worubu starts searching the hospital and asking people to find the Unknown Commander, but all in vain. The Commander secretly watches Worubu in disguise and wonders whether he should perhaps drop in on Worubu soon.


One-time characters



Old Jungle Sayings

Behind the Scenes

Pink-colored panel from October 10, 2010 with Comics Care ribbon.
  • The Sunday page of October 10, 2010 was colored in pink nuances as part of a campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.[1]
  • In the January 23 strip, a Patrolman with the name tag Olesen (after Phantom artist George Olesen) is seen.
  • Captain Weeks had previously appeared in the daily story "The Hunt for the Unknown Commander" as a helicopter pilot. In that story, there is a helicopter pilot, with the name Weeks on his name tag. No rank is given for this Weeks so it was possible that they were the same person. That was confirmed later in "Terror's Mutiny".


This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini india.gif India

Mini Kenya.gif Kenya

Mini norway.gif Norway

Mini El Salvador.png El Salvador

Mini rsa.gif South Africa

  • Rapport April 3, 2011 – August 7, 2011

Mini sweden.gif Sweden

Mini turkey.gif Turkey

Mini usa.gif USA