The Phantom at Sea

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The Phantom at Sea
The Phantom at Sea.jpg
Start date: December 21st, 2009
End date: April 17th, 2010
# of strips: 102 strips (17 weeks)
Writer: Tony DePaul
Artist: Paul Ryan
Original colorist: KFS staff
Preceded by: "The Death of
Diana Palmer Walker
Followed by: "Terror Cells of New York"

"The Phantom at Sea" is the 228th Phantom daily story. The story was written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Paul Ryan. It is the second part of a longer story, totally consisting of five.

Plot synopsis

Lee Falk begins to tell: "For those that came in late! The blind seer of Boomsby prison identifies Diana Palmer Walker as the wife of the Phantom! The imprisoned Python shatters his enemy by staging Diana's "Death"!"

The retelling of "The Death of Diana Palmer Walker" is continued by mentioning of Diana's imprisonment in Rhodia and the Phantom's belief that she died in the terrorbombing of the UN building.

At the ship, the Phantom is trying to throw off nightmares by doing the work of ten men exhaust himself.

Suddenly, a man shows up at sea and claims to have been taken by the current after he accidentily lost his oars. However, he is part of a pirate gang and as soon as he has come aboard, he pulls out a gun and orders the crew to disable their radio.

Other pirates closes in with a motorboat, when the Phantom whispers to the Skipper to get to a weapons locker. When the other pirates soon are to board the ship, the Phantom then overpowers all the pirates before the rest of the crew could interfere.

The Phantom takes the pirates' motorboat and go off, pondering on recent events when suddenly a shell hits the sea nearby from the sky. The Phantom starts dodging from the shelling with the motorboat and finds out that the shelling comes from the India Voyager II, ship of Captain Savarna whom he has met at an earlier occasion. Crocco Island West

Assuming that pirates has hijacked the India Voyager II, he immediately sets the course for the ship, determined not to let the pirates kill Captain Savarna as Diana already is dead (as he believes). One shell makes a perfect hit and the Phantom's motorboat exploades, the Phantom is, however, fast enough to jump off into the water. Despite rifle fire from the ship, he manages to get aboard unnoticed only to discover that the shooter is captain Savarna herself. She quickly realizes that he is the "Walker" that earlier had sailed with her ship.

It turns out that captain Savarna's parents was killed by pirates when she was a kid and she is now fiercely hunting them whenever she can. The Phantom agrees to join her for a while. When she asks the Phantom of his family, the story of Diana's "death" surfaces. Captain Savarna proposes then that they will fight the Python together. Savarna, having a love interest and also having been told by old man Mozz that the Phantom has fought pirates since 1536, believes that she and the Phantom could start fighting pirates together and that he eventually will learn to love her. The Phantom on the other hand realizes her ideas, but knows that his heart will always belong to Diana. Meanwhile, Diana tries to convince herself that her husband never will give up on her and thus continue to search for her.

Captain Savarna and the Phantom then hunts down the pirate ship and torpedoes it so that it starts sinking, the pirates in their lifeboats. The Phantom the explains that it is time for him to leave. In front of the eyes of a stunned captain Savarna, who cannot understand why it cannot be them, he jumps into the sea and swims to the sinking pirate ship. There, he unties the chopper that is at the pirate ship and starts loading fuel. The ship then sinks before he can load as much fuel as he had preferred.

The Phantom swim to the surface glad that he started with untying the chopper, also constating that he has enough fuel. Meanwhile, captain Savarna blames herself for "Walker's" departure, being to aggresive and disrespectful, when "Walker" suddenly hails her on the radio to warn her of the Coastal Guard. Captain Savarna, however, is confident that no one will believe the pirates wild story. They then say goodbye over the radio and the Phantom assures her that he won't forget her.

Then the Phantom starts thinking of Diana and feels that it is totally wrong as it is the Phantom that should be reached by fate, not his wife. The Phantom knows that Diana always will be alive inside him. Meanwhile, Diana feels determined to stay alive and get out of the prison. She knows that the Phantom is thinking about her.

To be continued


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Skipper
  • Pirates

Real-life characters





Scandinavian publication

I Sweden and Norway, where the Team Fantomen are making an overall background plot of the stories, the Singh pirate Sandal Singh has become president instead of Lamanda Luaga, who is currently working as a doctor in the poor part of Morristown (Mawitaan) known as Bengete. In order for this to work, editor Ulf Granberg rewrote parts of the story to make Sandal Singh president and Luaga living in Bengete, the new art for this was supplied by Hans Lindahl.

There was a minor mistake when this was done as Kit and Heloise is seen talking to the Phantom at sea using a very modern computer in Bengete and also the walls are clearly those of a palace or at least a more fancier house, since they were left unaltered from the original.

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This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini bahamas.png The Bahamas

Mini colombia.gif Colombia

  • El Colombiano January 30, 2010 – May 19, 2010 (the first two daily strips missing)

Mini croatia.png Croatia

Mini finland.gif Finland

Mini india.gif India

Mini jamaica.gif Jamaica

Mini norway.gif Norway

Mini spain.gif Spain

Mini sweden.gif Sweden

Mini usa.gif USA

Mini Venezuela.png Venezuela

  • El Nacional January 30, 2010 – May 19, 2010 (the first two daily strips missing)