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The Phantom: Generations was a Phantom maxi series published by Moonstone Books. It started in 2009 and featured "comic novellas" (not regular comic stories) starring previous generations of Phantoms. After 13 regular issues, a Special issue ended the series.


The series was originally intended as a 21-issue maxi series with one story for each Phantom. Each regular issue of Generations is 36 pages, with a 22-page story in "comic novella" format, i.e. illustrated prose and not a regular comic book story. Each issue featured a different creative team.

After #7 had been published (and up to #13 had been solicited), it was announced that the series would be cut short and end with The Phantom: Generations Special; a 68 page issue with three stories.

All stories from the series, aswell as two previously unpublished stories, were collected in a trade paperback.

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