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The Last Phantom is a Phantom comic book series published by Dynamite Entertainment. It started in 2010 and ran until 2012.


In June 2008, it was announced by Dynamite Entertainment that they had obtained the license to prooduce Phantom comics in the US, and were planning a series based on a concept by Alex Ross. As Moonstone Books was already publishing Phantom comics in the US at the time, this led to some confusion where Moonstone believed that they and Dynamite would have non-exclusive licenses and publish Phantom comics side by side, while Dynamite was only interested in an exclusive license.

The cause of this was an error from KFS, where both Dynamite and Moonstone had been granted the same license for producing Phantom comics in the US. It was then decided that Dynamite would not be publishing any Phantom comics for the two years Moonstone still had on their license and spend the time preparing their project. While Moonstone could have attempted to renew their license, they announced in 2010 that they would wrap up their Phantom series. The first issue of The Last Phantom was published by Dynamite in August 2010 and the last (issue #12) in February 2012.

Dynamite has a reputation for producing multiple cover variants of each issue, perhaps more so than any other US comic publisher. The first issue of The Last Phantom was published in ten variants, some limited to very few copies. In total, there were 60 cover variants produced for the 12 issues in the series.

There was also an annual with two cover variants.

The stories in this series (including the annual) were collected in two trade paperbacks.

Issue overview

Regular series


Trade paperbacks