The Ghost Cliff

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The Ghost Cliff
Produced for: Fantomen 13/1978
# of pgs: 31
Writer: Norman Worker
Artist: Georges Bess
Original colorist: N/A
Producer: Semic Press

"The Ghost Cliff" is a 1978 Team Fantomen story, written by Norman Worker, with art by Georges Bess.

Plot synopsis

The Phantom and Diana Palmer-Walker, just recently married, are driving in a car through the desert, heading for Walker's Table. Diana asks to hear the history of the mesa.

The story begins when Colombus discovered Hispaniola (Haiti) in December 1492. In the first settlement, Fort Navidad, the cabin boy Kit Walker became friends with a native American boy, Caribo. At the beginning of 1493 they left the island in a small boat, heading west to America. For many years they explored the continent, meeting the Mayas. Traveling through a desert as the sun was setting, they saw a high mesa which had become golden in the rays of the setting sun. Together they climbed to the top of the Mesa and Caribo suggested the name Walker's Table. With Kit's rifle they could scare off native Americans in the area. In time Kit left America and became the captain of a ship, often telling the story of Walker's Table to his son. Sailing together, the ship was attacked by Singh pirates leaving his son the only survivor. The son became the 1st Phantom. The 1st Phantom told the story of Walker's Table to his own son. In time the 2nd Phantom visited the mesa.

The Phantom and Diana stop for the night in an old ghost town, Dry Gulch. They decide to spend the night in the abandoned hotel. When Diana starts a fire, a man in a fur headgear suddenly shows up. The man disappears when Diana screams. Together they search the house without finding the man. As they fall asleep, the man in the fur headgear and a man in a cowboy hat are speaking with each other outside, waiting for them to leave the next morning.

The next morning they drive off again. In the vicinity of the mesa they see a boy riding a mule. The Phantom saves him from being attacked by a puma. The puma is killed but the Phantom discovers collar marks around the puma's neck. The boy is unconscious so they bring him with them to the top of the mesa. The boy's name is Juan from the city of Santa Rosa, and he believes that his people have been cursed. On the top the Phantom and Diana find used and unused fireworks. They drive the boy back to Santa Rosa where the boy's parents are grateful when he is returned. The boy's father Manuel explains that everybody in the village manufactures handicraft that they must sell cheaply to a company led by Mr Sangaro. The company refuses to pay more for the goods and Mr Sangaro appears to have mystical powers that he can use to put curses on people. The Phantom decides to help the villagers against the company. The Phantom captures a wild horse and then he and Diana go for a swim in a river.

The next morning the Phantom follows the villagers to the trading company to meet Mr. Sangaro. He announces that the villagers will only be paid half from now on. There is one solution though, if the villagers will sell the land to him. When the Phantom steps in, Mr. Sangaro orders three of his men to kick him out. After the Phantom fights them off, Mr. Sangaro relents and promises to pay five times the previous price.

Later in the evening, the villagers turn up at Walker's Table with the news that Manuel's little daughter has been kidnapped and that a note has been left urging the villagers to gather at the mesa one hour after sunset. Not long after a helicopter drops down magnesium flares from the sky, blinding the spectators. From the top of the fireworks begin and a man in fur headgear chants to the spectators that they must sell the land or be cursed. The Phantom intercepts and a man in cowboy hat reveals that Manuel's daughter is being kept in the ghost town. They fly to the ghost town in a helicopter and find the girl. The Phantom discovers that Mr. Sangaro's men are working an abandoned mine and captures them. The reason for Mr. Sangaros interest in the land is that he has discovered oil. The sheriff arrests Mr. Sangaro and his men. In the evening the villagers celebrate with the Phantom and Diana as special guests. With the money from the oil the villagers will be able to provide for their children.


Recurring Characters

One-time Characters

  • Manuel Guirado
  • Juan
  • Belita
  • Mr. Sangaro

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