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The Death of Diana Palmer Walker

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The Death of Diana Palmer Walker
The Death of Diana Palmer Walker.jpg
Start date: August 24th, 2009
End date: December 19th, 2009
# of strips: 102 strips (17 weeks)
Writer: Tony DePaul
Artist: Paul Ryan
Original colorist: KFS staff
Preceded by: "The Hunt for the
Unknown Commander
Followed by: "The Phantom at Sea"

"The Death of Diana Palmer Walker" is the 227th Phantom daily story. The story was written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Paul Ryan. It is the first part of a longer storyline, consisting of five stories in total.

Plot synopsis

Chatu, alias "The Python", is in Boomsby prison. One of the other inmates is a blind man that has been sitting there for ages. The man has, however, some unusual powers; he can "see" outside the prison walls and recreates the persons that he sees as sculptures. He has seen Diana at the Phantom's side and created a bust of her. Chatu, having contact with the outside world through a mole, makes his men go searching after her.

The search is successful and Diana is identified as working for the UN. Chatu then organizes an attack at the UN building, warning the Boomsby prison warden only minutes before it is about to take place.

Meanwhile, the Phantom and Diana has been warned by old man Mozz that Diana is in danger. They, however, choose to ingore the warnings. After seeing Diana off at the UN building, the Phantom goes to the Presidential Palace to meet his friend Lamanda Luaga. While they are talking, they get a call from the Boomsby Prison warden. Luaga immediately begins to give orders to evacuate the building when an explosion suddenly shakes Mawitaan.

The UN building has exploded and the Phantom immediately starts searching for Diana without any result. She is not in any hospital, nor any morgue. Depressed, the Phantom leaves for the Deep Woods. Upon arrival, he informs Guran, Kit, and Heloise about what has happened.

In a last desperate hope, he travels to old man Mozz to see ask about her fate. Mozz, however, cannot tell anything certain, she is just in darkness.

The Phantom blames himself for the explosion as he had earlier saved Chatu's life. Justice for the Python Fearing that any confrontation with Chatu now only will end in murder, something he is determined not to commit. He begins to isolate himself and sends Kit and Heloise to safety with Lamanda and Taru Luaga.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Diana was kidnapped before the explosion and is now taken to the Rhodian border, where Rhodian prison guards take care of her.

She is taken to a Rhodian prison, where a female prison warden with a bun hairdo greets her as prison inmate Miss Cole, and that she must try to run farther than Mawitaan on her next escape. While protesting, claiming they've got the wrong woman, her head gets shaved and she is placed in a prison cell. While there, the female prison warden turns up and, speaking candidly, explain that she know who she is and that the Python wants her to stay in prison as murderess Adela Cole for the rest of her life. The real Miss Cole is dead, though not officially, and no one will search for Diana as she is believed to have died in the terror bombing.

The Python has got his revenge as Diana now will, like him, rot in prison.

Meanwhile, the Phantom takes hire as a sailor on a ship. During the night the Phantom is wondering why Diana had to die, while Diana is trying to convince herself that he is searching for her.

To be continued


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Boomsby Prison guard
  • Infiltrating Python man
  • Thomas
  • Python terrorists
  • Rhodian Prison guards
  • The Skipper




  • In the September 16 strip, "Lignante's Ristora---" is seen, probably a reference to Bill Lignante.

Scandinavian publication

  • In Sweden and Norway, where the Team Fantomen are making an overall background plot of the stories, the Singh pirate Sandal Singh has become president instead of Lamanda Luaga, who is currently working as a doctor in the poor part of Morristown (Mawitaan) known as Bengete. In order for this to work, editor Ulf Granberg rewrote parts of the story to make Sandal Singh president and Luaga living in Bengete, the new art for this was supplied by Hans Lindahl.

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This story has been published in the following publications:

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Mini bahamas.png The Bahamas

Mini colombia.gif Colombia

Mini croatia.png Croatia

  • Večernji list November 27, 2009 – February 10, 2010 (incomplete story)

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