The Chronicle of Old Man Mozz

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The Chronicle of Old Man Mozz
The Chronicle of Old Man Mozz.jpg
Start date: October 25th, 2021
End date: January 15th, 2022
# of strips: 72 (12 weeks)
Writer: Tony DePaul
Artist: Mike Manley
Original colorist: KFS staff
Preceded by: "To Wrack and
Ruin at Gravelines
Followed by: "Death in the Himalayas"

"The Chronicle of Old Man Mozz" is the 259th Phantom daily story. The story was written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Mike Manley.

Plot synopsis

Old man Mozz interrupts his tale to go tell Diana and the Bandar elders, and to write it up for the Phantom Chronicles. En route to the Deep Woods, the 21st Phantom tells Mozz “Not a word to Diana, Guran.” Enigmatically, Mozz replies “Not a word." The next morning, Diana sees Mozz writing in a Chronicle. The Phantom brushes off her concern, then shows her some photographs on the large computer screen, showing their grown-up son Kit 22 at a food cart in the Himalayas. Then Guran is equally astonished to find Mozz writing in a Chronicle, and is also distracted by the photos of Kit walking by the river. The Phantom tells Diana about the mountain town where Chief Constable Jampa is his agent to watch over Kit.

The Phantom finds Mozz asleep on the Skull Throne and takes the Chronicle to read it. Back in Mozz's prediction, the veterinarian, Dr. Fajah Kimathi and her husband are taking care of the Phantom and Savarna. While showering, Savarna tells herself "I won't kill again. ... I'm done with revenge." Later, as the Phantom sleeps after surgery, she crawls into his bed, albeit clothed. In the morning, the Phantom has a high fever and blurts out the secret of Kit's location at Nyamjang Chu Monastery, in Arunachal Pradesh, India, so she can tell Diana, and about Jampa. When the Phantom comes to, three days later, Savarna has gone off to the mountain city.

The scene returns to the Phantom and Mozz in the Skull Throne room where Mozz says he is too tired to complete the story but tries to convince the Phantom not to free Savarna.

The story continues in "Death in the Himalayas."


Recurring characters




Old Jungle Sayings

  • Phantom has the strength of ten tigers.

Behind the scenes

  • Phantom references the Old Jungle Saying "Phantom moves as silently as the jungle cat." when he wakes up Diana getting into bed. Diana replies that she sleeps likely enough to hear a jungle cat.
  • Scene showing morse code reads "at gunpoint"

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This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini colombia.gif Colombia

  • "La crónica del viejo Mozz", El País February 14, 2022 – May 9, 2022

Mini india.gif India

Mini jamaica.gif Jamaica

Mini mexico.gif Mexico

  • "La crónica del viejo Mozz", El Informador June 24, 2022 – September 24, 2022

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