The Aviatrix Part 1

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The Aviatrix Part 1
Produced for: The Phantom #7 (2005)
# of pgs: 28
Writer: Ben Raab
Artist: Pat Quinn & Ken Wheaton
Original colorist: Joe Bucco
Producer: Moonstone Books

"The Aviatrix Part 1" is a 2005 Moonstone Books Phantom story by Ben Raab, Pat Quinn and Ken Wheaton.

Plot summary

The UN has planned a very important summit to help third world countries. A number of high profile business men and women have agreed to take part in the summit and donate some money toward the cause. Large amounts of money. As the summit draws closer the business men start disappearing, seemingly kidnaped right out of the sky. There is only one group that is capable of mid-air kidnapping - The Sky Band!


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