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Tay Yayınları stories

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This is a list of the stories produced by Tay Yayınları for their line-up of Kızılmaske comic books. All of these stories have been created by Turkish comics artist and writer Özcan Eralp.


Özcan Eralp was an important part of Team Fantomen's early years, but it appears that he also supplied the Turkish publisher Tay Yayınları with stories in the 1970's and 1980's. This went unnoticed for a long time, possibly because it was assumed that all stories drawn by Eralp in his easily identifiable style were Team Fantomen stories.

The first three stories were created by Özcan Eralp for the first regular series of Kızılmaske published by Tay Yayınları and have never been reprinted later.

Later Eralp created two more stories for the second series of Kızılmaske Albüm for the same publisher. The second one was reprinted once in the same series, and eventually reprinted in English by Frew Publications in 2016.


# Original Title Translated Title Writer Artist
1 "Gizli Silah" "The Secret Weapon" Eralp Eralp ¤
2 "Kanunsuz Belde" "Badlands" Eralp Eralp
3 "İnsan Yiyen Ağaç" "The Man-Eating Tree" Eralp Eralp ¤
4 "Büyücü" "The Witchman" Eralp Eralp ¤
5 "Esirciler" "Breaking the Circle" Eralp Eralp

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The following Team Fantomen stories drawn by Eralp were published in different versions by Tay Yayınları compared to how they were presented by Team Fantomen. It is likely that Eralp's original versions were edited by Janne Lundström before publication in Sweden, and that Eralp supplied his original versions to the Turkish publisher.

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