Sverre Årnes

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Sverre Årnes
Biographical information
Born: May 14, 1949
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini norway.gif Norwegian
Occupation: Writer
Website: Sverre Årnes
Winner.jpg Best Story (Norway) Winner.jpg

1992: "The Wolf is Coming"

Sverre Årnes (born May 14, 1949) is a Norwegian writer.


Within comics, he has most notably worked on The Phantom, James Bond, and his own creation "Soga om Sigrid". In addition Årnes has written several novels, short stories, film scripts, articles, and radio dramas.

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Phantom works


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "The Golden Beetle" Årnes Vallvé ¤
2 "The Mines of Death" Årnes Bade
3 "Korzan - King of the Jungle" Årnes Spadari
4 "Ziggor the Horrible" Årnes Bade ¤
5 "The Devil's Drug" Årnes Vallvé ¤
6 "The Grave Vandals" Årnes Spadari
7 "The Fight for the Baboons" Årnes Bade ¤
8 "The Wolf is Coming" Norway - 1992 Årnes Spadari
9 "The Uranium Wreck" Årnes Bade
10 "The Drug Terrorists" Årnes Bade ¤
11 "Kukailomoko, Part 1: Destroyer of the Earth" Årnes Cruz
12 "Kukailomoko, Part 2: Phan-ton" Årnes Cruz
13 "Kukailomoko, Part 3: The City of Slaves" Årnes Cruz
14 "Jungle Adventures: Devil in New York" Årnes Spadari
15 "Jungle Adventures: Secret of the Gold Container" Årnes Spadari ¤
16 "Jungle Adventures: Caesar's Laurel" Årnes Bade ¤
17 "The Murderers from Moscow" Årnes Lindahl
18 "The Phantom from the Bronx" Årnes Bade
19 "Lily Palmer's Secret" Årnes Felmang, Benny
20 "The Assassination of Prince William" Årnes Felmang, Benny

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