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First appearance: "The Pirate Inheritance"
Created by: Donne Avenell &
Kari Leppänen

Spyglass is a city in Bengali.


It was once located within the Empire of Nyahpura. The Last Emperor

Present day Spyglass is a fishing village near the location of the historical Spyglass which is now a ruin of the once prominent pirate's den. Shadows over Spyglass

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Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Black Glove, Part 1" Tierres Westad 1662 on a map
"The Pirate Inheritance" Avenell Leppänen 1664 / present first appearance
"Pirate Hunt" Worker Leppänen 1667  
"The Last Emperor" Worker Cruz 1710  
"Revenge of the Pirate Queen" Worker Spadari ca 1810-11 It is set a couple of years after 1805 but before the death of the 13th Phantom in 1811.
"The Slave Ship" Bishop Felmang 1869  
"Son of the Pirate Queen" Bishop Spadari 1889
"The Cruel Hunt" Worker Spadari present
"Shadows over Spyglass" Reimerthi Boix present