Shane Foley

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Shane Foley
Biographical information
Born: 1957
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini australia.gif Australian
Occupation: Artist, Cover artist
Website: Official Website

Shane Foley is an artist who creates covers and stories for Frew's The Phantom comic series.


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Phantom work by Shane Foley


Frew stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Jungle Love" Andersson Foley
2 "Diana and the Heartbreaker Gang" Kyme Kyme, Foley
3 "The Issue with Heloise, Part 1" Kyme Foley
4 "The Issue with Heloise, Part 2" Kyme Foley
5 "The Issue with Heloise, Part 3" Kyme Foley
6 "The Golden Queen, Part 1" Foley Foley
7 "The Golden Queen, Part 2" Foley Foley
8 "The Golden Queen, Part 3" Foley Foley
9 "The Strange Day of the Witch Men, Part 1" Foley Foley
10 "The Strange Day of the Witch Men, Part 2" Foley Foley
11 "Crippled Jake" Foley Foley
12 "Ghostwalkers" Foley Foley
13 "The Slavers, the Women and the Bogey-Man" Foley Foley
14 "Bad Blood in Bangalla, Part 1: The Old Devil Road" Foley Foley
15 "Bad Blood in Bangalla, Part 2: The Hanta Track!" Foley Foley
16 "Bad Blood in Bangalla, Part 3: Witch's Way" Foley Foley
17 "Bad Blood in Bangalla, Part 4: Beyond the Tessai Trail" Foley Foley
18 "Royal Hero" Andersson Foley
19 "Bad Blood in Bangalla, Part 5: The Watanga Path" Foley Foley
20 "Bad Blood in Bangalla, Part 6: The Golden Route" Foley Foley