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Return of the Thuggees

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Return of the Thuggees
Return of the Thuggees.jpg
Start date: May 20th, 1990
End date: August 11th, 1991
# of strips: 65 pages
Writer: Lee Falk
Artist: Sy Barry
Original colorist: KFS staff
Preceded by: "The Eastern Dark
at Janorra
Followed by: "The Fourth Son"

"Return of the Thuggees" is the 136th Phantom Sunday story. It was originally published in American newspapers from May 20th, 1990, to August 11th, 1991 and is thereby by far the longest running Sunday story ever written by Lee Falk, "The Rat Must Die" (58 pages) being the second longest.

It was written by Lee Falk and drawn by Sy Barry.

Due to its length it was divided into two stories when published in Scandinavia.

Plot Summary

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Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • General Zab
  • General Tog
  • Old Man of the Mountains (in flashback)
  • Prince of the Thuggees
  • Viceroy of India (in flashback)
  • Sahla
  • Jorge






Old Jungle Sayings

  • Voice of angry Phantom freezes tiger’s blood.
  • Phantom moves faster than lightning flash.
  • There are times they say when the Phantom leaves the jungle and walks the streets of the town as an ordinary man.
  • When Phantom scares them, they stay scared.


Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini colombia.gif Colombia

  • El Tiempo June 24, 1990 – September 15, 1991

Mini denmark.gif Denmark

Mini finland.gif Finland

  • Seura 36/1991 – 12/1992 - without first forty-one weeks (no Phantom pages in issues #43, #44/1991, #8, and #10/1992, 56th and 57th week out of order)
  • "Huivikoplan hirmuteot", Mustanaamio 15/1991, and "Kenraalien kaappaus", 3/1992

Mini india.gif India

  • Desh November 9, 1991 – February 13, 1993
  • Bismoi

Mini ireland.gif Ireland

Mini italy.gif Italy

Mini norway.gif Norway

Mini rsa.gif South Africa

Mini sweden.gif Sweden

Mini turkey.gif Turkey

Mini uae.gif UAE

Mini usa.gif USA