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Return of the Commander, Part 2

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Return of the Commander, Part 2
Produced for: Fantomen 8/2007
# of pgs: 32
Writer: Claes Reimerthi
Artist: Joan Boix
Original colorist: Reprostugan
Producer: Egmont Kärnan

"Return of the Commander, Part 2" is a 2007 Team Fantomen story, written by Claes Reimerthi, with art by Joan Boix.

Plot synopsis

In the Morristown police HQ, criminal detective Moses Umbata is given instructions to arrest colonel Worubu of the Jungle Patrol.

At the Jungle Patrol Monument Colonel Worubu meets The Unknown Commander who tells him that the commander who led the Jungle Patrol in an attack on the Sing headquarters was in fact an impostor. Colonel Worubu tells the commander that the Jungle Patrol is suspected of having murdered president Morombe. The commander tells him that he will personally investigate the matter. The commander quickly disappears when a car arrives with detective Umbata who tells him that he is under arrest.

Sandal Singh is trying to take control of The Singh Brotherhood and has built a new headquarter on Nguru Island off the coast of Bengali. She is restructuring the brotherhood into Singh Corporation and is buying up technology companies.

The murder of president Morombe has been filmed and the murders were using a jeep from The Jungle Patrol. Detective Umbata has a search warrant to search for the vehicle at the Jungle Patrol Headquarters. Lieutenant Driscoll tells him that the jeep was stolen the night before the murder during a patrol in Taylor's Dock. Detective Umbata can identify one of the murderers, Ben "Bedlam" Tuckwell, through a tattoo on his arm. Tuckwell is a goon working for Chang Wat Duck, a local mobster in Taylor's Dock.

The Phantom travels to Taylor's Dock to visit the bar Panama Jack's where the patrol jeep was stolen during a bar fight. The troublemaker Big Joe is murdered while The Phantom interrogates him but his last words are that the local mobster Chang Wat Duck paid him to start a fight at Panama Jack's.

Chang Wat Duck makes a telephone call to Sandal Singh who is pulling all the strings in the background. The Phantom finds the stolen Jungle Patrol jeep in a building but is tricked into a trap and is tied up unconscious. Bound and gagged he is taken to a warehouse outside Morristown where the leaders of the Singh Brotherhood have a meeting. The business meeting soon becomes a shooting match between Sandal Sing and her most prominent opponent Li Tsan.

The Phantom manages to get away and discovers that the warehouse is a movie studio. Sandal Singh's bodyguard Belim has been knocked down and she is hiding together with the Phantom in a Wild West movie backlot. When Li Tsan and his men are about to finish them off, armed police surround the building. Li Tsan and his men are arrested. Sandal Singh knows of a secret escape tunnel that the two of them use to get away to a different building. When they are safe, Sandal Singh knocks him down, then gives the unconscious Phantom a kiss on the cheek and tell him that the next time they meet they will be enemies again.

When the Phantom wakes up again he wonders what Sandal Singh is really up to. A week later she holds a press conference with the news that she will run for president.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Detective Anderson
  • Nurse
  • Kenneth, thug
  • Tommy, thug
  • Big Moe, thug
  • Willis, detective
  • Chang Wat Duck
  • Ben "Bedlam" Tuckwell
  • Li Tsan, leader of a Singh Brotherhood cell
  • Wesley, detective
  • Pepé, criminal investigator




  • Bengali Times
  • Morristown News (presumably)
  • Moribar Herald
  • Sanloi Courier

Behind the scenes

  • Colonel Worubu is called Benjamin by detective Umbata, but according to the story "Worubu" his first name is Jonathan and Benjamin is his criminal twin brother.
  • The Phantom explains his actions in "Annihilate All Singh" which led to the death of several patrolmen by simply lying to Colonel Worubu and claim that it was the work of an impostor.

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