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Renata di Mascarelli

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Renata di Mascarelli
Renata di Mascarelli.jpg
First appearance: "The Prisoner in Venice"
Created by: Janne Lundström &
Jaime Vallvé

Renata di Mascarelli (sometimes Renate di Mascarelli) is a Team Fantomen creation. She married the 11th Phantom in 1757 and their son, the 12th Phantom, was born later that year as a slave.

Fictional Character Biography

She met and married the 11th Phantom, when he helped to clear her father, Claudio di Mascarelli, from fabricated criminal charges. Her grandfather had once helped the Phantom (probably the 9th or the 10th Phantom) and therefore, she wore the Good Mark Necklace. The Prisoner in Venice

At the journey back to Bengali, their ship was taken by pirates and the 11th Phantom was shot in the chest and fell in the water, presumable dead, when he tried to protect Renata from the pirates. The ship, however, shipwrecked due to the fact that the pirates drank themselves drunk and could not maneuver it. Only Renata and a sailor survived and were taken by slave traders. Renata was sold to an emir of Yemen and transported to a very distant castle. Soon after the arrival, she found out that she was pregnant. The emir was enraged and she was locked up. Her son was born in December (possible late November) 1757. At the beginning of 1758, the 11th Phantom suddenly showed up in her cell and they could escape. Son of the Desert

In 1773, her father, Claudio di Mascarelli, was murdered and her son was accused of the murder. Her husband then managed to orchestrate a magnificient escape in which a Montgolfier was used (quite impressive since the first Montgolfier made its first flight in 1783). Under the name of Torres did her husband then investigate the murder and finally caught the real murderer, the false ambassador of the Netherlands; van der Löwe. The Venetian Ghost

She was killed in January 1775 by Messer Grande. The Cruel Revenge


This list of appearances is considered to be complete, with reservations for the possibility of mistakes.

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Prisoner in Venice" Lundström Vallvé
"Son of the Desert" Granberg Vallvé
"A Strong Case" Lundström Lindahl Visits London with the 11th Phantom and Kit in 1765 and 1767
"Revenge of the Harlequin" Reimerthi Cruz
"Dangerous Inheritance" Granberg Vallvé
"The Venetian Ghost" Tierres Vallvé
"The Doomsday Weapon" Worker Leppänen
"The Cruel Revenge" Reimerthi Boix