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First appearance: "The Founding of the Jungle Patrol"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

Redbeard was the first colonel of the Jungle Patrol.

Fictional Character Biography

In 1664, Redbeard was the leader of all pirates in Sanloi, when the Phantom came there to challenge him. First, the Phantom had to defeat Redbeard's closest men - Big Bart, Salla and Crusher, before he was allowed to fight Redbeard. After a long duel that raged through Sanloi, Redbeard was defeated and the Phantom was the new leader of the pirates. The Phantom picked 100 of the pirates to form the Jungle Patrol and made Redbeard the first Colonel. The Founding of the Jungle Patrol

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Notable appearances

Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"The Founding of the Jungle Patrol" Falk Barry 1664  
"The Visitor" DePaul Weigel 1664 in flashbacks only
"The Delta Pirates" Falk Barry ?? mentions being defeated by the 6th Phantom
"The Golden Sands of Keela-Wee" Falk Barry 17th Century  
"The Gladiator" Falk Barry ?? mentioned
"Luaga's Undercover Tour" Falk Barry ?? mentioned
"Captain Amazon - Pirate Queen" Falk Barry ?? mentions being defeated by the 7th Phantom
"Return of the Thuggees" Falk Barry 300 years ago mentions being defeated by the 6th Phantom
"The Jungle Patrol v The Drug Cartel" Falk Barry 300 years ago mentions being defeated by the 6th Phantom

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Black Glove, Part 1" Tierres Westad 1662 mentioned
"Black Glove, Part 2" Tierres Westad, Sydsæter 1662 mentioned
"The Nuclear Pirates" Worker Bess 1664 flashback
"The Treasure of the Barracuda" Worker Vallvé 1664 flashback
"The Pirate Inheritance" Donne Avenell Leppänen 1664 flashback
"The Message" Worker Leppänen 1665  
"Redbeard the Traitor" Tierres Olesen 1665  
"The Devil's Kiss" Bishop Bade 1667  
"Patrolman Aurora" Reimerthi Velluto 1667  
"Pirate Hunt" Worker Leppänen 1667  
"The Ghost at Gallows' Inn" Reimerthi Bade 1669  
"The Messengers of the Jungle" Worker Bess 16??
"Kit and the Pirates" Reimerthi Spadari 1680  

DC stories

Title Writer Artist Set in Comments
"Trains" Verheiden McDonnell ?