Princess Alicia

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Princess Alicia
First appearance: "Rex: Prince of Baronkhan"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

Princess Alicia is the ruler of a neighbor country of Baronkhan in the Misty Mountains, originally known as Shambad, but also called Sharana and Shardana.

Fictional Character Biography

Alicia was orphaned at a young age, and her uncle, the Duke of Shambad, was the temporary regent until she was to come of age. However, the Duke locked her up in the dungeons and finally stopped to give her and her nurse any food, planning to starve her to death. The attempt failed when the Phantom attacked the castle in search of the Duke and freed her. She was then reinstated as the ruler of Shambad while her uncle, the Duke was brought to Baronkhan to face trial concerning an attempted murder of Rex, the ruler of Baronkhan. Alicia and Rex met for the first time during a diplomatic visit made by Alicia in the aftermath of the attempted murder of both of them. They then both came to fall in love with each other, however, political and bureaucratical reason made it impossible for them to meet. They therefore managed to arrange with a picnic totally outside the protocol without anyones knowledge. Even though some complications arouse from the picnic, it lead to changes that made it possible for them to meet. Rex: Prince of Baronkhan

Bureacracy prevented Rex and Alicia to be in direct contact, but Rex managed to smuggle a message to her via scientists who were exploring the wildlife of their countries. However, the scientists were in realty searching for oil. When Rex and Alicia secretly met, they discovered the truth about the scientists, who threatened to kill them. The Phantom intervened to save them, and Rex and Alicia were given permission to be in contact more easily so they wouldn't have to sneak out to meet. Prince Rex and Princess Alicia When Rex travelled to America to get an eduction, it meant that he and Alicia would not be able to meet for a long time, but before he left he asked Alicia if she would marry him when they had grown up, to which she responded yes. Prince Rex - Kidnapped

Rex and Alicia kept contact via mail, but years passed until they were to meet again, at a royal state ball in Baronkhan. By that time Rex had begun to have feelings for his personal body guard, Captain Lara, and regretted his proposal to Alicia the last time they met. During the ball, when it seemed like Rex and Alicia were finding their way back to their old feelings for each other, Captain Lara saved them from an assassination attempt. Members of Princess Alicia's military were against a union between her country and Baronkhan which could have been the result of a future marriage. When Rex admitted that he was not sure about his feelings for Alicia, she was understanding and said that they are both still young and have plenty of time to figure out if they want to marry. The Love Triangle


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Daily & Sunday stories

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"Rex: Prince of Baronkhan" Falk Barry
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"The Baronkhan Sedition" DePaul Ryan, Manley mentioned

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