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First appearance: "The Rogue Elephant"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

The Oogaan is a tribe in the Bangalla jungle. They are wood-carvers. Hoogaan the witch doctor of the tribe has tried to take control of the country. Obiju, a champion of the Jungle Olympics The Stolen Trophy, was a prince and son of the Chief of the Oogaan. The Golden Wood Their current chief is Ongon. Jungle Olympics

The Oogan village lies next to The Whispering Grove The Arsonist


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Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Rogue Elephant" Falk Barry as Oolan, Oongaan, and Oogaan
"Jungle Olympics" Falk Barry as Oogaan
"The Stolen Trophy" Falk Barry as Oongaan
"The Lost City of Pheenix" Falk Barry as Oongaan
"The Witchman" Falk Barry as Ougaan
"The Keeper of the Peace" Falk Barry as Oongaan
"The Giant of Kaluga" Falk Barry as Oogaan
"The Golden Wood" Falk Barry
"The Curse of the Sacred Image" Falk Barry as Oongaan
"Phantom Wedding" Falk Barry as Oongaan
"Jungle Olympics" Falk Barry
"The Return of General Bababu" Falk Barry as Oongan
"The Snake Goddess" Falk Barry as Oongano
"The Ossuary" DePaul Ryan as Oongaan

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Plague" Lundström Wilhelmsson
"The Prophecy of the Kaldéers" Lundström Vallvé
"The Arsonist" Avenell Bade
"The Water of Life" Darell, Ewers Lindahl
"The Whispering Statue" Avenell Bade
"The Devil's Smoke" Darell Bess
"The Snake Ring" Darell Leppänen
"Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 4: Cagliostro Mystery" Worker Cruz
"Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 5: Solomon's Mines" Worker Lindahl
"The Ibis Mystery, Part 2: Kazcim Master of the Dumb" Worker Leppänen mentioned as Cogaan
"Takal's Mask" Worker Cruz as Oongaan
"Death of Lubanga, Part 2: The Last Battle" Reimerthi Lindahl as Oogan
"Alliance of the Golden Ox" Reimerthi Spadari as Oogan
"The Outcasts" Lindahl Lindahl
"Molok" Reimerthi Ryan
"Dirty Business" Madden Saviuk mentioned
"Cyclops" Madden Bade mentioned