Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 5: Revolt

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Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 5: Revolt
Produced for: Fantomen 12/2016
# of pgs: 22
Writer: Claes Reimerthi
Artist: Kari Leppänen
Original colorist: Reprostugan
Producer: Egmont Publishing AB

"Nat Turner's Spirit, Part 5: The King of Louisiana" is a 2016 Team Fantomen story, written by Claes Reimerthi, with art by Kari Leppänen.

Plot summary

Pinkerton agent Amanda escapes from congressman Scott's house, helped by a friendly slave. With the help of the bokor, the voodoo witch doctor, the conspirators distribute guns to the maroons, escaped slaves who are hiding in the river delta. The Phantom, recognized by many slaves, just barely manages to quell the uprising before it begins.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Salmon P. Cheatham, prosecutor
  • Montgomery Stuart, gambler
  • Robert Pendleton, owner of Louisiana Herald
  • James Seward, ship owner
  • John Taylor Massey
  • Hugo Lopez
  • Steele, attorney

Real-life characters


  • USA
    • Louisiana
      • New Orleans
        • Lafarge county



  • River Queen

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This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini brazil.gif Brazil

  • "O Espírito de Nat Turner, parte 5: Revolta", O Fantasma #8 (2020)

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Mini sweden.gif Sweden