Mustanaamio 1974 (reprint)

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Mustanaamio 1974
Cover artist: Rolf Gohs
Country/language: Mini finland.gif Finland / Finnish
Format: 17 × 26 cm, hard cover
Pages: 432 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: May 31, 2017
Editor: Janne Suominen
Publishing company: Egmont Kustannus
Preceded by: Mustanaamio 1973
Followed by: none
ISBN 978-952-233-997-3

Mustanaamio 1974 is a Finnish hardcover facsimile. It contains nineteen full-length Phantom stories and three the Phantom Legends published in the Mustanaamio magazine's ninth year, 1974. Eleven full-length stories and eleven the Phantom Legends from this year were omitted.


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